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Student Payroll

Working on Campus

If you are planning to work on campus this year, please review the Student Employment Hiring Process. Working with your hiring supervisor, you will be required to complete essential paperwork and provide identification information to the Student Payroll office. Payroll will work with you to ensure all the necessary forms are completed and provide you with a Red Card that will allow you to work on-campus.

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Dianna Clem
Payroll Specialist

Luckey Building
One Willard Avenue
Houghton, NY 14744


Student Payroll FAQs

Student Employment Hiring Process - Red Card

What is a Red Card?

The Red Card authorizes you to work for any department on campus, during your term as a full-time student of Houghton University. Once it has been obtained, payroll paperwork does not need to be renewed to begin working for a different department on campus; just present your Red Card once hired by a new department.


Get Hired

Be hired by a department/office on campus.
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New Hire Paperwork

Your hiring supervisor will submit new student hire info to Payroll, and the new hire will receive an e-mail from Payroll with information on how to sign up and prepare for their in-person Payroll Paperwork Appointment.

Schedule an Appointment

Make an appointment with payroll through the link in your new-hire e-mail.

Present Identification

Attend appointment, present required identification and complete paperwork including the I-9. You must bring TWO ORIGINAL CURRENT FORMS OF ID to campus for employment verification. No photocopies accepted. Please review the I-9 Acceptable documents.
  Most commonly:
1. Current Driver’s License/learner permit AND Social Security Card or Birth Certificate
2. Current Passport, that will work for both forms of ID
Acceptable Documents

Receive Red Card

Receive a Red Card from the Payroll Office once all paperwork and ID information has been reviewed. A Red Card verifies that you are cleared to work on campus.

Present Your Red Card

Show your Red Card to your supervisor. This must happen before your first shift.

Direct Deposit
Direct Deposit is Houghton University’s method of payment. Please note that your checks may be deposited into any participating bank account and you will need your bank name, type of account, routing number, and account number. Paper checks for those not utilizing direct deposit are mailed to the student's home address.

International Students
You must also provide an I-20 (student visa) and visit the Intercultural Student Programs Office upon arriving on campus regarding how to apply for a social security number.

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