Close-up on female singer performing as part of a larger choir.

Women’s Choir

The Houghton University Women's Choir is a large group of versatile singers who perform a diverse repertoire extending from medieval works to modern music. Folk music, spirituals and hymns are included in the repertoire. The choir is well known for its beautiful, blended sound from pristine, quiet unison to the majesty of large textured sonorities. Sensitive musicianship and constant improvement are goals for each rehearsal and performance. The Houghton University Women’s Choir has existed since the inception of Houghton University and continue a proud its commitment to singing God’s praises. They perform on and off-campus for worship services & festivals, participates in the annual Christmas PRISM and Houghton University High School Invitational Festival, and present a spring concert with the Houghton University Men’s Choir.

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Singing in a Houghton choir is an amazing way to form new friendships, make beautiful music in service of our Lord, and enrich your college experience as part of a long-standing Houghton tradition.

One of the best things about choir is that everyone can participate! Choir is a place where people training to sing opera, those who just sing with the radio, and everyone in between, can come together and make something remarkable that no one could do alone.

At Houghton, singing in a choir doesn't require an amazing voice, any prior experience (though we love experienced singers) or the ability to read music (we will teach you). We meet all of our singers where they are and, with the training we provide, everyone who participates will have the opportunity to make music at a high level.

If you would like to sing at Houghton, please use the form below to register for a choral placement hearing (CPH). Dr. Dibble will email you to set up a time once your registration is complete.

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