Jeffrey Fawcett

Jeffrey Fawcett

Admission Counselor

Jeffrey Fawcett

Admission Counselor

Houghton staff member Jeffrey Fawcett.

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About Jeffrey


Schenectady, New York


Bachelors in History
Minor in Political Science
Houghton College, 2022

Favorite Spot on Campus

The library study room

Favorite Book

The Hobbit by JRR Rolkien

Favorite Band

Julie Fowlis & Co.

I love Houghton because it is such an intentional Christian community; and the students here give me a lot of hope for the future of Christian academics and achievement in their ambitions and talents.

Jeffrey’s Recommendations

Favorite Thing About Houghton

The Faculty (especially in History/Political Science) and the friendships I’ve made here.

Favorite Spot Local to Houghton

Letchworth State Park

Tips for Prospective Students and Families

For students: stay organized and don’t be afraid to lean on others, whether that’s faculty or friends, for support. There is no shame in asking for help and guidance.

Jeffrey’s Regions

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