0 Marianne Loper

Marianne Loper

Marianne Loper

Director of Student Financial Services

Marianne has worked at Houghton for over 20 years in various positions within Admission and the Student Financial Services Office. This experience has given her an in-depth knowledge of the entire financial aid process from beginning to end. It has served her well to have that background, especially in light of constantly changing governmental processes and regulations. Marianne says that because of those constant changes, no two years of her career have ever been the same!

Marianne and her husband, Jason, love to spend family time together with their two children, Jenna and Gregory. They have a Tunis sheep farm and travel across the country to livestock shows, exhibiting their sheep. The Lopers also love to travel “sheep-less”, and have made it their family’s aspiration to travel and camp their way to each of the 50 states. They have had some amazing adventures, and each year brings them a few states closer to realizing their goal!

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