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Sunshine Sullivan

Associate Professor of Education; Chair, Education Department

Courses Taught

  • Early Childhood Education: Language & Literacy Development
  • Educating Exceptional Learners
  • Foundations of Language & Literacy for Diverse Learners I & II
  • Issues in Inclusive Education I
  • Language, Literacy, & Curriculum Integration for Diverse Learners
  • Language & Literacy Development in Middle Grades
  • Senior Capstone: Seminar on Reflective Teaching


  • Ph.D. | University at Buffalo
  • M.S. | Binghamton University
  • B.A. | Mount Vernon Nazarene University

Professional Memberships/Associations

  • American Council for Rural Special Education
  • International Christian Community for Teacher Education
  • Literacy Research Association
  • National Council of Teachers of English
    • English Language Arts Teacher Educators Council

Professional Experience

  • Faculty Development Coordinator for Houghton College faculty (2015- present)
  • Facilitator of digital literacy PLC for local teachers (2015-present)
  • Professional Development Provider around literacy and diverse learners (2012-present)
  • Special Education Teacher and Consultant for grades 9-12 (1997-99) and grades K-5 (1999-2004)

Research Interests

  • Professional Learning Communities around Digital Literacies
  • Reflective Pedagogy and Teacher Development
  • Narrative and Discourse Analysis


*Indicates Houghton College undergraduate student

Recent Publications

  • Bruce, D., Sullivan, S.R., Barrett, N., & Gonzalez, C. (2019). “Full of sound and fury: Rural students’ use of digital literacies in exploring space, place, and identity.” In D. Pyles, R.Rish, H. Pleasants, & J. Warner, (Eds.), Negotiating Place and Space Through Digital Literacies.
  • Bruce, D., & Sullivan, S.R. (2018). “Writing with video: Learning and sharing in communities of practice.” English Record, 68(2), 1-21.
  • Sullivan, S.R. (2018). Review of K.J. Burke and A. Segall, “Christian privilege in U.S. education: Legacies and current issues.” International Journal of Christianity and Education, 20(1), 49-50.
  • Sullivan, S.R. & Clarke, T. (2017). “Teachers first: Hands-on PD with digital writing.” English Journal, 106(3), 69-74.
  • Wallace, E.R. *& Sullivan, S.R. (2016). “Evolving reflections: A narrative inquiry of an emerging educator.” Excelsior: Leadership in Teaching and Learning, 10(1), 39-51.

Recent Presentations

  • Bruce, D. & Sullivan, S.R. (Nov. 2018). “Full of sound and fury: Rural students’ use of digital literacies in exploring space, place, and identity.” National Council of Teachers of English Annual Convention. (Houston, TX).
  • Bruce, D. & Sullivan, S.R. (Oct. 2018). “Tomorrow and tomorrow: Assessing students’ multimodal compositions.” New York State English Council. (Albany, NY).
  • Johnson, F-L.M., Juillerat, S., Jacobs, D.E., & Sullivan, S.R. (Jan. 2018). “Faculty development: Challenges, successess, and opportunities for collaboration.” CCCU 2018 International Forum. (Dallas, TX).
  • Sullivan, S.R. (Nov. 2017). “Isolation to community: Teachers’ experiences learning together.” National Council of Teachers of English Annual Convention. (St. Louis, MO).
  • Bruce, D. & Sullivan, S.R. (Oct. 2017). “Writing with video: DV in academic settings.” New York State English Council. (Albany, NY)
  • Sullivan, S.R. & Badley, K. (Oct. 2017). “Betwixt and between: Liminality in classrooms and tachers’ careers.” Kuyers Institute. (Grand Rapids, MI)
  • Bruce, D., Sullivan, S.R., & Barrett, N. (June 2017). “Crafty participants: Mediation in CoP and digital literacies.” Conference for English Educators. (Columbus, OH)
  • Bruce, D., Sullivan, S.R., Barrett, N., Gonzalez, C.H. (June 2017). “What’s one story?: Using DV to share stories of (Com)passion.” Conference for English Educators. (Columbus, OH)
  • Sullivan, S.R. & Bruce, D. (Nov. 2016). “Writing with video: Advocacy in professional learning communities around digital literacies in rural schools.” National Council of Teachers of English Annual Convention. (Atlanta, GA)
  • Sullivan, S.R. (Oct. 2016). “Empowering teaching repertoires.” NYSATE/ NYACTE Annual Conference. (Saratoga Springs, NY)
  • Sullivan, S.R. (May 2016). “And…: Cultivating inclusive learning communities with careful and caring conjunctions (ICCTE Invited Lecture).” International Community of Christians in Teacher Education Biennual Meeting. (Chicago, IL)
  • Bruce, D. & Sullivan, S.R. (2015). “Sharing our stories: Using multimodal and multigenre composing to bridge literacy practices from classroom to community.” The International Federation for the Teaching of English, Conference on English Education Summer Conference. (New York, NY)
  • Sullivan, S.R. (2014). “Teacher agency: Understanding it through an emerging educator’s narrative research, reflections, and actions.” International Community of Christians in Teacher Education Biennual Meeting. (Ancaster, Ontario, Canada)

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