Disabilities Services

Disabilities Services

Academic Support and Accessibility Services at Houghton University equips you for academic success through individualized guidance and access to assistive resources designed to accelerate your God-given potential.

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Academic Accommodations at Houghton University

Students have the responsibility to notify the Academic Support and Accessibility Services office to discuss the accommodations process. Newly admitted students are encouraged to contact the college in the semester prior to matriculation and provide appropriate documentation. The college must be given a reasonable opportunity to evaluate the request and offer necessary adjustments; Houghton University retains the ultimate authority for determining appropriate, effective accommodations. The student is responsible for notifying the Academic Support and Accessibility Services office if any academic accommodations are in need of adjustment.

Documentation Requirements

To be eligible to receive academic accommodations, a student must have been evaluated by an appropriately-trained* professional and formally diagnosed as having a learning, mobility, sensory, health, or psychological disability. Evaluations generally should be no more than three years old. Evaluations must delineate the nature of the student’s disability and describe any factors that qualify the student to receive accommodations.

* “Appropriately trained” means academically educated at the graduate level to understand the disability being diagnosed, administer and interpret the tests used for assessing that disability, and recommend appropriate interventions.