Writing Major

Give voice to your passionate ideas, reflections and personal story to make a difference in the world.

From journalism and advertising to publishing and business, employers are looking now more than ever for strong writers in any career field. The Writing Major at Houghton will prepare you to exceed their expectations as you learn how to articulate your perspectives and offer new insights through the written word.

You will explore classes on writing for film and television, social issues and global engagement, and fiction as well as share your spiritual experience through poetry, engage in current issues through opinion writing, and prepare for writing in the professional realms and journalism to make a meaningful impact in any vocation.

Be a part of excursions in the literary world

Exercise your analytical and written skills in preparing papers and writing reviews for conferences and theatres such as:

• Taylor Making Literature Conference

• Calvin Festival of Faith & Writing

• National Undergrad Research Conference

• Penn York Undergrad Research Conference

• Lyric Theatre at Houghton College

• Shake on the Lake in Perry, NY

• Stratford Festival (Shakespeare) in Stratford, Ontario, Canada

Engage in a tight-knit campus community

Get one-on-one feedback from faculty and fellow students in small classes while also earning the opportunity to work and serve on-campus organizations such as the Houghton STAR student newspaper, The Lanthorne student-run magazine, and the Writing Center.

What will I learn?

Through Houghton’s major in Writing, you will develop your skillful and creative language as you:

Join a community of creative people and work alongside fellow students and faculty members as you reflect on language’s role in history, culture and faith.

Engage consciously, creatively and intuitively with authors who share in the human experience of brokenness and redemption through the literature and writing arts while being challenged to understand others through eyes of empathy and compassion.

Participate in small class sizes that will allow you to interact on a personal level as well as do a significant amount of conferencing with professors and peers, such as at the National Conference of Undergraduate Research

124 Credits


Required Courses


Elective Courses and General Education

Degree Requirements

Writer’s Workshops

With classes of 15 students or fewer, the Writing Major allows for close collaboration with fellow students as you work together to both give and gain feedback on meaningful pieces of writing.

Publishing Opportunities

Write and earn helpful feedback on fictional, nonfictional, or academic pieces that can be published to online or physical magazines and other collections either directly or through your courses.

Resumé Enrichment

Earn the chance to be recognized for your efforts in writing by becoming eligible for awards that are either specific to your course with the recognition of a certain piece or encompass your writing talents as a whole in all of your writing.

Employment Expected to Grow 9%

for Writer and Authors
SourceU.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

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Documents and Supporting Materials

You’ll be asked to provide your official high school transcript and your test scores (can be waived)
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