Houghton student climbing rope net at EPIC Adventures Ropes Course.

EPIC Facilities

High/Low Ropes Course

Nestled in the beautiful hardwood forest above Houghton’s main campus, this low and high element course experience has hosted hundreds of groups – from corporate groups, to at-risk youth, to leadership and athletic teams (professional, collegiate, and high school levels).

The ropes course experience is tailored to YOUR needs. Have fun and be challenged while encountering a highly intentional, educational experience.

Potential focus areas:

  • Anti-Bullying
  • Cooperative Learning
  • Corporate Ideation & Strategic Planning
  • Leadership Development
  • Physical Fitness
  • Problem Solving
  • Team Building

Houghton Woods and Trails

Rest among the trees as you explore more than 1,300 acres of the Houghton Woods. Hike under the autumn maple leaves, or snowshoe amidst the white pine trees.

Overlooking the historic Genesee River Valley in the foothills of the Alleghany Mountains, the forest features more than four miles of trails that are open year round. This natural setting serves as a living laboratory for students learning about local ecology, and offers a wide array of recreational activities, including hiking, trail running, skiing, snowshoeing, and geocaching.

Witness the local wildlife – including deer, chipmunks, foxes, salamanders, monarch butterflies, and more – in its natural habitat. Keep an eye (and ear) out for hawks, woodpeckers, blue jays, cardinals, ravens, and various other songbirds.

Help care for the forest by packing out all waste and abiding by the following guidelines:

  • Trails are for foot traffic and traditional skiing. No motorized vehicles of any kind.
  • Camping and fires are permitted only in designated areas and require registration with EPIC Adventures at epicadventures@houghton.edu.
  • Use only dead, downed wood for fuel, and completely extinguish fires before departure.
  • Hunting is not allowed without written permission from the director of campus safety and security.
  • Prohibited at all times: alcoholic beverages, bicycles, firearms, horses, tobacco, and vehicular traffic.
  • Do not walk in ski tracks during the winter.

Francis Outdoor Area

The Francis Outdoor Area includes a large covered pavilion with picnic tables and a fire pit, as well as three Adirondack-style lean-tos with individual fire pits. Enjoy a cookout under the pavilion, worship around the fire, or camp out with your friends. Contact EPIC Adventures for more information.