Career Exploration

Find your calling with your Houghton education.

Choosing your major, finding a fulfilling career path, and discovering your calling can be intimidating. The Office of Vocation and Calling has resources available for prospective students, current students, and alumni to analyze your strengths and interests. We will help you take advantage of the opportunities you have at Houghton and beyond.

Resource Library

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Vocational Coaching

Trained Career Coaches can help you discern your unique calling by:

  • Encouraging self-assessment and conversations about vocation
  • Identifying how your unique strengths, talents, and abilities can meet needs in your community and the world
  • Providing knowledge, tools, and questions to explore and understand vocation
  • Cultivating curiosity regarding life's possibilities

Explore majors, careers, and future pursuits with a Career Coach.

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Assessment Tools

Assessments are available to aid students in the process of finding out who they are, what they have to offer, and what they can do.  Many of these testing instruments relate certain interests, skills, and personal preferences to potential career opportunities. Each assessment takes about 30-40 minutes to complete, and results are interpreted and discussed with a trained Career Coach. If interested in taking an assessment, contact the Office of Vocation and Calling or request an appointment in Handshake.

CliftonStrengths for Students

The CliftonStrengths for Students helps you identify your top five strengths to help you thrive at work, in your community, at home, and in your church.


Houghton University is proud to partner with CareerFitter  to provide career tests and career assessments  for qualifying students.
Learn more about their career test. Contact the Office of Vocation and Calling for more information.

For complete library of resources, access the Handshake Resource Library.

Additional Online Resources

What Can I Do With This Major?

Features 100 major profiles with information on common career paths, types of employers that hire in the field, and strategies to maximize opportunities. Scroll to the bottom of each profile for links to professional associations, occupational outlook information, and job search resources.

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