Instrumental Ensemble Auditions

All instrumentalists must complete a short placement audition. All auditions are held in the Instrumental Rehearsal Hall (IRH), unless otherwise noted. In order to reserve an audition slot, please sign up for a time outside of the IRH during the first week of classes.

For any questions regarding auditions, please contact the corresponding ensemble director: Dr. Timothy McGarvey for Wind Ensemble, or Dr. Armenio Suzano for Symphony Orchestra.

Audition Excerpts


Excerpt: Haydn 104


Excerpt: Fingals Cave


Excerpts: Fingals Cave


Excerpts 1-3: Bach, Bizet and Rimsky-Korsakov. All flutes prepare Bach and Bizet. Only those interested in principal for orchestra need to prepare the Rimsky-Korsakov.


William Tell by Rossini


Brahms Symphony 3 - play on Bb clarinet in bracketed section


Send an email if you are a bassoonist wishing to audition.


Lunde Sonata - play on your saxophone, whether alto, tenor or bari


all found in "Horn Players' Audition handbook" from the bookstore

Shostakovich Symphony 5: first movement tutti

Beethoven 3: trio, 2nd horn part


Excerpt 1: Ives "Variations on America" 

Excerpt 2: Schumann

Excerpt 3: Respighi "Pines of Rome," 2nd movement trumpet solo

Trombone & Euphonium

Excerpt 1: Bolero

Excerpt 2: Mozart Tuba Mirum from Requiem

Excerpt 3: Hungarian March by Berlioz


Excerpt 1: Prokoviev Symphony 5

Excerpt 2: Mahler Symphony 1

Excerpt 3: Wagner Ride of the Valkyries


All four excerpts: play only bracketed parts on indicated instruments. 2 marimba, 1 timpani, 1 snare.