Instrumental Ensemble Auditions

All instrumentalists must complete a short placement audition. All auditions are held in the Instrumental Rehearsal Hall (IRH), unless otherwise noted. In order to reserve an audition slot, please sign up for at ime outside of the IRH during the first week of classes.

For any questions regarding auditions, please contact the corresponding ensemble director: Dr. Timothy McGarvey for Wind Ensemble, or Dr. Armenio Suzano for Symphony Orchestra.

Audition Excerpts


Excerpt: Haydn 104


Excerpt: Fingals Cave


Excerpts: Fingals Cave


Excerpts 1-3: Bach, Bizet and Rimsky-Korsakov. All flutes prepare Bach and Bizet. Only those interested in principal for orchestra need to prepare the Rimsky-Korsakov.


William Tell by Rossini


Brahms Symphony 3 - play on Bb clarinet in bracketed section


Send an email if you are a bassoonist wishing to audition.


Lunde Sonata - play on your saxophone, whether alto, tenor or bari


all found in "Horn Players' Audition handbook" from the bookstore

Shostakovich Symphony 5: first movement tutti

Beethoven 3: trio, 2nd horn part


Excerpt 1: Ives "Variations on America" 

Excerpt 2: Schumann

Excerpt 3: Respighi "Pines of Rome," 2nd movement trumpet solo

Trombone & Euphonium

Excerpt 1: Bolero

Excerpt 2: Mozart Tuba Mirum from Requiem

Excerpt 3: Hungarian March by Berlioz


Excerpt 1: Prokoviev Symphony 5

Excerpt 2: Mahler Symphony 1

Excerpt 3: Wagner Ride of the Valkyries


All four excerpts: play only bracketed parts on indicated instruments. 2 marimba, 1 timpani, 1 snare.