0 Houghton Symphony Orchestra to Perform

Houghton Symphony Orchestra to Perform

March 16, 2018

The Houghton University Symphony Orchestra will perform a free, public concert on Friday, March 23 at 7:30 p.m. in Wesley Chapel.

This performance will feature well-known film music and other popular classics. From Elmer Bernstein’s “The Magnificent Seven” – selected from the 1960 Western by the same name – to Danny Elfman’s fast-paced music for the superhero movie Spider-Man, the evening will delight audience members of all ages.

Those familiar with Henry Mancini’s work for classic films The Pink Panther and Breakfast at Tiffany’s will enjoy his “Strings on Fire,” and no movie score concert would be complete without works by prolific composer John Williams. The orchestra will focus on two famous films featuring his stylings: the historical drama Schindler’s List, recognizable for its haunting violin solo; and Star Wars, featuring a medley of music from the beloved original trilogy.

The Houghton Symphony Orchestra (HSO) is comprised of music and non-music major Houghton students, as well as community members. HSO regularly performs both modern works from film, pop, video game, and art music genres in addition to traditional works that span from the Baroque period to the late 20th century.