0 Houghton University Announces Summer Scholars Week

Houghton University Announces Summer Scholars Week

March 16, 2018

Houghton University is pleased to announce its new Summer Scholars Week, slated for July 22 through July 26. Summer Scholars is open to students who will be high school sophomores, juniors, and seniors this coming fall.

Summer Scholars Week provides high school students with the opportunity to learn more about their chosen fields of study through experiential learning. Students are part of an academically challenging atmosphere that focuses on critical thinking and faith through hands-on learning experiences, taught by Houghton University faculty members and experts in the fields.

“Summer Scholars Week offers an opportunity for academically driven high school students to get a feel for what life is like as a Houghton University student,” remarks Christy Schmitt, coordinator of academic services. “Our hope is that when they leave they are excited by the idea of college and have the knowledge to confidently pursue higher education.”

This year’s workshops include:

Business: Students interested in business-related fields or in starting a business will interview professionals, explore industry options, and visit different organizations.

Forensics: Participants will learn how to identify substances and fingerprints in a lab, while also having an opportunity for a field experience to practice properly processing all the details of a ‘crime scene.’

Honors: Students will explore the idea of tragedy in literature, philosophy, and theology through the reading and debate of works like Aeschylus’ Oresteia and Shakespeare’s Hamlet and King Lear.

Sports and Neuroscience: Participants seeking to discover more about neuroscience will learn about the effects of head trauma on the brain and how to determine a concussion, particularly in sports.

Video Production: Students learn how to effectively tell stories through digital media. They will also have the opportunity to show their work to other participants at the Friday Film Festival.

Worship Arts: Students in this workshop will take individual lessons in their instrument or voice, and learn to collaborate with other musicians to run a full worship service with other Worship Arts students.