Houghton University Launches New Major in Forensic Science

March 5, 2024

Houghton University, New York’s leading evangelical Christian university, is thrilled to announce the launch of its new major in Forensic Science. This innovative program combines the natural sciences with criminal investigation, providing students with a unique opportunity to explore the intersection of science, faith and restorative justice.

“Our new Forensic Science program builds on Houghton’s historic strengths in both the natural and social sciences to offer an education that equips students for success in this exciting and growing field,” said David Davies, provost. “These courses, coupled with our innovative humanities and religion courses, will ensure that our graduates have the skills to combine scientific analysis with moral and ethical reasoning to develop critical and creative responses to the range of forensic science issues encountered in today’s world.”

Under the guidance of experienced professors, students will evaluate physical evidence, develop the ability to use quantitative and qualitative tools and delve into the physical and ethical challenges of the criminal justice system.

“Forensic Science program is a natural outgrowth of Houghton’s focused excellence in the natural sciences in combination with our firm Christian foundational pursuit of truth, righteousness, and justice,” explained Ransom Poythress, associate professor of biology.

By combining amazing lab experiences, deep Biblical discussions, and real-world internship opportunities, it’s a perfect major for our students to demonstrate their already nationally recognized critical analysis abilities, high integrity, excellent communication, and Christ-like love.

Ransom Poythress, Associate Professor of Biology


Located less than an hour away from one of New York State’s few crime labs in Olean, NY, Houghton offers students the chance to not only engage in hands-on labs and experiments but also apply for internships in research and crime labs. This proximity to real-world forensic science facilities enhances practical learning experience and prepares students for future careers in the field.

Houghton University’s Forensic Science program is now accepting applications for the upcoming academic year. Prospective students interested in pursuing a career at the intersection of science and justice are encouraged to visit the university’s website for more information.