Forensic Science Major

Uncover the evidence as you pursue truth and justice.

As a Forensic Science major, you'll learn how to apply the natural sciences to criminal investigation. Through lab experiences, case studies and internships, you’ll discover the synergies between your Christian faith, science and restorative justice. You'll take part in ethical, Biblical discussions, learning to lead with integrity in your future career.

Degree Snapshot

Undergraduate - Bachelor's

Degree Types: BS

Program Credits: 124

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What will I learn?

Houghton biology student sitting at lab table working with scientific tools.

Through Houghton’s degree in Forensic Science you will engage with professionals in the field as you:

  • Experience hands-on learning by evaluating physical evidence for case studies
  • Discuss policies and procedures as they apply to the challenges and opportunities of rural areas to forensic science
  • Develop the ability to use the quantitative and qualitative tools of the natural arts and sciences
  • Collect and assess data as it pertains to forensic science

Why study Forensic Science at Houghton?

Gain Hands-on Experience

Did you know that one of New York State’s few crime labs is located in nearby Olean, NY? That’s less than an hour away! As a Forensic Science Major at Houghton, you’ll not only have the opportunity to take part in hands-on labs and experiments in class but to apply for internships in research and crime labs, like the one in Olean.

Christ-Centered Focus

Discover how Christianity and forensic science intersect from professors that are content experts and active in the local church. Through your courses you'll immerse yourself into the physical and ethical challenges of the criminal justice system. Prepare for a future where pursing the truth with integrity is part of your everyday.

Invested Faculty

At Houghton, you'll get to know your professors on a personal level. With small class sizes and a commitment to personalized education, our professors are available and act as mentors as you navigate your future in forensic science.

Courses & Degree Requirements

Popular Courses

BIOL 342 Forensic Biotechnology

Collect and analyze evidence as it pertains to legal investigations. This course is an introduction to the field of biotechnology and focuses on developing an understanding of the latest forensic processes and techniques.

CRJ 201 Introduction to Criminal Justice

Examine the causes and consequences of crime and the social responses in the legal system. This course covers topics from policing, the court system, the varieties of sentencing options and outcomes, and routes to restoration.

CHEM 276 Environmental Analysis

Discover what truly makes up the world around you as you study the principles of analytical chemistry. Collect samples from around campus and bring them back to the classroom to examine. In this course, you will learn how to detect chemical compounds as they exist in the environment.

Degree Options

BS - 124 credits

64-69 credits
Required Courses

55-60 credits
Elective courses + general education

BS Degree Requirements

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What can I do with a degree in forensic science?

Graduate School

Here are some common Master's degrees Forensic Science majors can pursue:

  • Toxicology
  • Forensic Chemistry
  • Forensic Anthropology
  • Forensic Accounting
  • Pathology
  • Criminal Justice


Career growth for Forensic Science Technicians.

From 2020 to 2030 according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.
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of Houghton students are employed or in graduate school within 6 months of graduation.

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