Dean of the Chapel Leads Workshop on Worship and Mission

September 1, 2023

Houghton University Dean of the Chapel, Michael Jordan, recently led a thought-provoking workshop for members of the Seventh Day Baptist General Conference, exploring the profound relationship between worship and mission. The workshop, funded by a generous grant from the Calvin Institute of Christian Worship, aimed to deepen participants’ understanding of the role of rituals in worship and how it can inspire service and justice in the wider world.

Reflecting on the experience, Jordan expressed his enthusiasm for churches that prioritize worship and seek to understand its purpose. “It’s so exciting to me when churches take worship really seriously, and start asking why they do what they do,” said Jordan. “I’ve had connections with Seventh Day Baptists over the years, but it was really exciting to meet a group of them from around the world and it was wonderful to get to know more about their history and share some thoughts to help them discern their future.”

Jordan was joined by several Houghton alumni, including Carl Greene ’96, Miriam (Lawton ’04) Berg and Kevin Bonesteel ’05. Peter Meilaender, Dean of Religion, Humanities, and Global Studies, and Professor of Political Science at Houghton, highlighted the university’s dedication to serving the broader church through academic endeavors. “As Houghton students know, Dean Jordan is passionate about the intersection of theology, worship, and liturgy,” said Meilaender. “His work with the SDB Vital Worship group is a great example of how Houghton’s academic mission can be of service to the broader church.”

The workshop also provided an opportunity for Jordan to discuss his upcoming book, Worship in an Age of Anxiety: How Churches can Create Space for Healing, from IVP Academic on mental health and worship, further emphasizing the importance of holistic worship experiences that address the well-being of individuals.

Participants of the Seventh Day Baptist General Conference workshop smiling at camera for a group photo while standing on stairs