James S. Luckey Society

The James S. Luckey Society was established in 2010 to honor donors who create gift plans which establish a firm foundation for the long-term financial health of Houghton University and its continued ability to support Houghton students as they pursue God’s call on their lives.

Like these legacy donors, James S. Luckey demonstrated such qualities as faithfulness, hard work, and deep concern for students. As Houghton’s first official president, Dr. Luckey set his nearly inexhaustible energy to the task of raising a relatively unknown seminary to a fully accredited college with a reputation for academic excellence and faith.

Even as he pursued his vision, Dr. Luckey attended to the young people God put in his care, often quietly paying their tuition or finding them jobs that would provide room and board to assure their stay. Like Dr. Luckey, donors of planned gifts to Houghton University challenge themselves to accomplish meaningful tasks. Their generous gifts or gift plans ensure that Houghton will be vibrant and accessible for future generations, uplifting the core mission of the college to equip faculty, staff, and students with the resources necessary to fulfill that mission with excellence.

Houghton purple wordmark with gold border. Text reads James S. Luckey Society.

Members of the James S. Luckey Society share a similar vision for a college known for its academic excellence and strong faith tradition. They give wisely for the long term through vehicles such as will bequests, charitable trusts and annuities, insurance policies, or endowments. They have the big picture in mind, and yet their gifts attend to the details. Their support has a major impact on the future of Houghton, but it also touches the lives of individual students who will become the future Christian leaders of our world.

We invite you to join the James S. Luckey Society by making us aware of your existing or newly created gift plans. There are many ways to make a different through gift planning and we invite you to review our gift planning web pages to learn more about them.

If you are already a member of the 1883 Society, we invite you to consider becoming a member of the James S. Luckey Society. Visit our gift planning web pages or contact the Office of Advancement to learn more.

James S. Luckey Society Newsletter