A Word From the President

August 15, 2023

Dear Friends,

Over the last few months, I have reflected quite often and intensely on Genesis chapter 50 and Joseph’s relationship with his brothers. After the death of their father Jacob, Joseph’s brothers wondered whether he would hold a grudge against them for the incredible harm they had done to him; selling him into slavery out jealousy and starting an almost unbelievable chain of events in his life. With love and compassion, Joseph responded to them, letting them know that what they had intended for his harm, God had used for good.

There is no question that as Houghton continues to stand for and model both the compassion and truth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, there will continue to be those who seek to do harm to the university. We hold no ill will and desire only to love and honor God, and love our brothers and sisters. Further, I am convinced that as Houghton remains faithful, God will use even those things meant for our harm for His glory. We have already seen the evidence of it. God continues to bless Houghton in ways seen and unseen. Chief among those blessings are the students and families we are privileged to serve.

By the grace of God, generation after generation, students from Hornell to Honduras make their way to our residential campus, Houghton online, and to Houghton Buffalo for the life-giving and life-altering experiences that comprise a Houghton University education. This issue of Houghton magazine captures the adventure and excitement of students’ off-campus learning experiences. Houghton students’ learning has never been confined to the classroom. The stories captured here provide a snapshot of the ways students are learning, serving, and leading in their local and global communities.

I pray that the stories and experiences captured in this issue will be a reminder to us all of how God uses our diverse backgrounds, gifts, talents, and passions to be a redemptive light in a dark world; having transformational impact on the world and those around us as we advance His kingdom.


Yours in Christ’s Love,

Wayne D. Lewis, Jr.