MBA: Success & Confidence

June 22, 2022

Ontario native Sandra (Hodgins ’07) Hussin MBA ’21 fondly remembers having a creative mind and a love for design from a very early age. Throughout high school and during her undergraduate time at Houghton, she cultivated that passion for design with a doublemajor in Art and Business. Shortly after receiving her Houghton degree, she was severely injured in a car accident, leaving her totally disabled for an entire year and with long-lasting chronic pain. This traumatic event led Sandra to realize a new view of work: It is a blessing to not only be able to work but to do something that you love.

With this realization in mind, Sandra left the position she had been in for almost a decade and launched her own design business, Sandra Hussin Interiors. Of this fearless beginning, she says, “Any new venture involves some level of risk. Leaving what is successful and comfortable to try something new—it will always involve some anxiety.”

This new venture has led to many new experiences for Sandra. After being in an environment that always required work, even on vacation, she has come to recognize that slower days are a blessing in disguise. These days provide the time that she needs to rest and continue her entrepreneurial pursuits in a healthier manner. Sandra has an even greater appreciation for Isaiah 41:10; Sandra remarked, “God doesn’t promise that we won’t face difficult circumstances, but he promises to faithfully walk with us through those times that we are fearful.”

Sandra recently completed her MBA through Houghton University’s innovative online program. She shared that both the education and the people were critical in inspiring and supporting her to be fearless in her new adventure. Sandra found support in many of her professors and classes as she built a foundational business plan, which gave her the courage to launch her new business. She is grateful for the confidence Houghton’s MBA instilled in her, enabling her to be successful in her fearless new beginning. She remains successful in her business launch and believes her education through Houghton’s MBA is unparalleled as it prepared her to fulfill her vocational calling as a business owner.

Article written by:
Elianna (Chroniger ’18) McHenry MBA ’20