0 Houghton President, Wayne D. Lewis, Jr., standing on the track in the KPAC

President Lewis Reiterates His Statement on Women’s Athletics on Christian2 Podcast

May 8, 2024

Houghton University President, Dr. Wayne D. Lewis, Jr., spoke on the Christian2 Podcast. In the interview, Lewis reiterated his recent statement on women’s athletics and unpacked the significance of avoiding mission creep in Christian organizations.

“You don’t need to be a Christian to come to the logical, common-sense conclusion that women’s sports and girls’ sports should be for women and girls… There’s never been a question about this in the history of girls’ and women’s athletics. The idea of whether or not we should permit biological males who have undeniable, indisputable biological differences between females to compete in women’s sports… This is a common sense, logical right and wrong question, whether or not we are going to permit biological males, regardless of what you believe about transgenderism, to rob young women and girls of the opportunities that they’ve worked so hard to come to—to erase the records that women and girls have made in sports across decades. We’re going to let all that go because a very small number of people… have decided that, for political or social or ideological reasons, we should permit biological males to be part of the playing field. It’s just wrong.”

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