Equestrian Lesson Horses

Meet the Horses

This is the amazing herd of horses that the college currently owns. Every horse (or pony) has been donated to the college with the purpose of teaching the students a vast range of things from western pleasure to riding over fences to the precision of dressage. These horses are used for classes, riding lessons and summer camps and enthusiastically put their whole hearts into their jobs.

Adopt a Horse Program

If you have a favorite lesson horse or would like to help out the HU Equestrian program then join the “adopt a horse program”.  Choose to sponsor your favorite HU lesson horse and you will receive a picture and monthly email updates about your horse and the EQ program.

Sponsorship money will help support the cost of your horse’s farrier, vet, feed and winter blankets (new purchase or repairs to current one).

"Bailey" Dynamic N Disguise

2004, Bay, Quarter Horse Mare, 14.1 Hands

Bailey is a sweet and sassy little mare that thrives on consistent work.  She enjoys helping students grow in their riding in all disciplines. Whether it be jumping, dressage, western, trail riding, and even cross country, Bailey loves to do it all.

Houghton equestrian program horse, Base.

"Base" Base Jumper

2013, Bay, Thoroughbred Gelding, 15.3 Hands

Base has a very sweet and goofy personality and absolutely loves attention. He is just coming back into work after some time off due to an injury, but so far is loving getting back into the swing of things. Currently, he is working on some training level dressage and building back up his fitness to be a great horse for our dressage classes.

Houghton equestrian program horse, Bindy.

"Bindy" Stellar's Best Babe

2008, Chestnut, Thoroughbred Mare, 15.2 Hands

Bindy is an energetic and sensitive mare with a background in eventing. Prior to joining our herd she had competed through Training level. She loves to jump and teach her riders how to fine tune their aids to be as quiet as possible while still getting great results.

Houghton equestrian program horse, Bluprint.

"Bluprint" ACS Ultimate Bluprint

2009, Black and White Paint Mare, 14.3 Hands

Bluprint has a back ground in western riding and loves to show off her slow and steady jog. When not teaching students about western riding she enjoys working on training and first level dressage or just going out for a nice trail ride. She has a sweet personality and loves teaching all levels of riders.

Houghton equestrian program horse, Carmella.


2004, Grey, Lipizzaner Mare, 14.2 Hands

Carmella is a sweetheart who is always looking out for her rider’s safety.  She will carry riders working on training and first level dressage as well as beginners learning how to trot and canter.

Houghton equestrian program horse, Charlotte.

"Charlotte" Charlee in Charge

2003, Bay, Canadian Sport Horse Mare, 15.2 Hands

Charlotte is very sweet and puts her heart into the work she does. She loves forming connections with students and helping to teach over fences or in the dressage ring.

"Cuba" Cuba Libre

2004, Chestnut, Holsteiner Gelding, 17.0 Hands

Cuba is a sweet and gentle guy that is as honest as can be over fences. In addition to jumping in the arena he enjoys dressage and going out in the fields for some cross country. He tries hard to please and is sure to put a smile on your face after a good ride.

Houghton equestrian program horse, Danika.

"Danika" Double D Danika

2009, Brunblakk, Norwegian Fjord Mare, 14.0 Hands

Danika is fun new addition to the herd and she loves to jump! She enjoys being in and out of the arena for jumping but also does really well in dressage and even a little bit of western. We are excited to have her join us and settle in as a lesson horse.

Houghton equestrian program horse, DC.

"D.C." Dawson’s Creek

2003, Black, Oldenburg Gelding, 16.3 Hands

D.C. is one of our upper level dressage horses that loves showing off his fun dressage movements. He absolutely loves his changes and extended gaits and giving students a great feeling of collected movements.

Houghton equestrian program horse, Digger.

"Digger" Spitfire Gold Digger

2006, Bay, Appendix Gelding, 16.0 Hands

Digger came to us with a background in dressage but has found his passion of jumping with us. He absolutely loves showing off in the stadium ring and out in the cross country field. He is always up for a challenge and loves creating a great partnership with his riders.

Houghton equestrian program horse, DJ.


2000, Bay, Holsteiner Gelding, 15.1 Hands

DJ loves to jump and is not afraid of a good challenge, even when it comes to height. With a very sweet personality and a "go get 'em" type attitude he has become a favorite among our students for both jumping and eventing.

Houghton equestrian program horse, Ethan.

"Ethan" Capstone

2009, Chestnut, Thoroughbred Gelding, 16.1 Hands

Ethan is one of our steady lesson horses that came with a lot of experience on the hunter circuit. He challenges his riders to have accurate and the correct timing of aids and  loves jumping and dressage.

Houghton equestrian program horse, Fox.

"Fox" Fabrege Fuchs

1998, Chestnut, Trakehner/AQHA Cross Gelding, 15.1 Hands

Although the oldest horse in our herd, Fox doesn't let his age show and still loves his job of teaching students. He is used in a variety of our jump and dressage classes and is definitely a favorite in our herd.

Houghton equestrian program horse, Freya.


2005, Bay, Belgian Warmblood Mare, 16.2 Hands

Freya is one of our upper level dressage horses that is competing 1st and 2nd level dressage while also schooling some higher level movements. When not in the dressage ring she enjoys occasional jumping and trail riding.

Photo by REA Photography

Houghton equestrian program horse, Handsome.

"Handsome" We Go

2011, Chestnut, Thoroughbred Gelding, 16.3 Hands

Handsome competed through Training level prior to her joining the herd and we are excited to have him settle as a lesson horse and teach our riders over fences. He has big smooth gaits and a great jump and is sure to be a great teacher in our upper level jumping classes.

Houghton equestrian program horse, Harri.

"Harri" Harrisburg

2003, Fleabitten Grey, Thoroughbred Gelding, 16.1 Hands

Harri is a big mover with a goofy personality. He is used in both jumping and dressage classes and is always a favorite for our students to learn on. Whether it be working on training and first level dressage or jumping in the arena, he is happy to work and help teach his riders.

Houghton equestrian program horse, Jimmy.

"Jimmy" Statesman Jubilee

1999, Chestnut, Morgan Gelding, 14.3 Hands

Jimmy is one of our go to lesson horses and has a great work ethic while helping riders of all levels learn to succeed in their riding goals. He enjoys helping students learn through lessons on the lunge, dressage, trail riding, and jumping both in the arena and out on the cross country field.

Houghton equestrian program horse, Johnny.

"Johnny" First Class II

2009, Bay, Warmblood Cross Gelding, 15.3 Hands

Johnny is a sweetheart who captures the heart of anyone who rides him. He enjoys dressage, jumping, and eventing. Being able to work with all levels of riders in a variety of classes makes him one of the favorites in our herd.

Houghton equestrian program horse, LJ.

"LJ" Lil' Jac

2007, Chestnut, Quarter Horse Gelding, 14.1 Hands

LJ is a lease who comes to us during the school year and has a lot of western, team penning, and cow work training. He is a kind and quiet teacher and loves to work hard to please his riders. He also is happy to do some low level dressage and English flat work if needed.

Houghton equestrian program horse, Lucca.

"Lucca" Leucojum

2004, Gray, Dutch Warmblood Gelding, 15.3 Hands

Lucca is the newest addition to our herd and comes from a show jumping background. He is super fun to jump and loves to teach his riders to help them learn and grow. We are excited to see him continue to settle into the program!

Houghton equestrian program horse, Magic.

"Magic" Watch the Rocket

2002, Bay, Thoroughbred Gelding, 15.3 Hands

Magic is sweet, has nice gaits, and great form over fences. He is a staple in the lesson herd, and helps riders improve their equitation and feel for both dressage and jumping.

Houghton equestrian program horse, Mason.


2008, Bay, Quarter Horse/Arabian Cross Gelding, 14.3 Hands

Mason is a sweetheart who loves doing a variety of things in our program. Trail riding is his favorite activity, but he also enjoys jumping, western, and lower level dressage.

Houghton equestrian program horse, Mufasa.

"Mufasa" Laurel King Mufasa

2003, Bay, Morgan Gelding, 14.3 Hands

Mufasa is a curious and friendly guy and he loves to try hard and please his riders. He enjoys doing dressage and is enjoys teaching riders Training and First level movements. Over the past couple of years we started putting some western training on him and it has become his favorite thing to work on and teach riders. Having a nice little jog and a lovely lope makes him a favorite.

Houghton equestrian program horse, Mulan.

"Mulan" Better than a Boyfriend

2002, Black and White Paint, Friesian/Paint Cross Mare, 14.1 Hands

Mulan is small but mighty and is a favorite of both students and instructors due to her smooth gaits and sweet personality. She carries both beginners and more advanced dressage riders. Whether she is teaching a new rider or competing training level she is sure to win your heart.

Houghton equestrian program horse, Otto.

"Otto" Knights Dream

2004, Black and White Paint, Friesian/Paint Cross Gelding, 16.0 Hands

Otto is one of our upper level dressage horses and allows our students to compete first and second level dressage and school some third level movements. He has a strong work ethic and is a favorite among the barn for both instructors and students.

Houghton equestrian program horse, Phoenix.

"Phoenix" Frolicking Phoenix

2002, Chestnut, Thoroughbred Gelding, 15.3 Hands

Phoenix has super smooth gaits and is bold in everything he does. He came to us with an eventing background and had competed through training level. Currently, Phoenix enjoys doing dressage and also teaching riders to better use their seat during lunge line lessons.

Houghton equestrian program horse, Prize.

"Prize" Welcome Surprise

2011, Flaxen Chestnut, Haflinger Gelding, 13.3 Hands

Prize is as sweet as can be and loves dabbling in a variety of disciplines. He enjoys western and trail riding but isn't afraid to work in the dressage ring as well. Currently he is taking some time off due to an injury but we are looking forward to him finishing some rehab to get back to teaching students.

Houghton equestrian program horse, Rio.

"Rio" Rio Dinero

2003, Chestnut, Thoroughbred Gelding, 16.1 Hands

Rio is sweet hunter jumper gelding that is being leased to us. He has nice smooth gaits and has been a great addition to our herd to help teach students in our jumping and dressage classes.

Houghton equestrian program horse, Rowan.


2013, Chestnut, Andalusian/Pony Cross Mare, 13.2 Hands

Rowan is one of the littlest and cutest ponies in our herd but she isn't afraid to do big things! Coming all the way from Texas as a lease, she has been helping our riders in both dressage, jumping, and has even started a little bit of cross country. She is a people pleaser and will try her heart out to put a smile on her rider's face.

Houghton equestrian program horse, Willon.


2008, Bay, Zweibrucker Gelding, 16.1 Hands

Willon enjoys working on training level dressage and jumping big. He teaches riders to have a soft, elastic connection with the bit, and when they are successful he is a lovely mover. Willon has a kind heart and enjoys the many different riders that work with him.

Photos by Abigail Forsberg '22, unless otherwise indicated.