0 Houghton alumnus Timothy Deckert receive award from President Lewis.

Timothy Deckert Receives Alumni Appreciation Award

October 11, 2023

Timothy Deckert, a graduate of the Class of 1995, is a steadfast Houghton Highlander. An accounting major with a minor in political science, Tim seemed to slip quietly through his time at Houghton, studying hard, playing hard and diligently preparing himself for life after college.

Tim completed his JD degree at Villanova’s Charles Widger School of Law, and established himself as a corporate lawyer in the Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania region. Just this week, he began a new position as general counsel for Martin’s Foods.

In the nearly 30 years since his graduation, Tim has remained a highly-engaged and dedicated alumnus. Along with his wife Melinda, he was a founding member of the 1883 Society, created to recognize our annual donors.  They have  steadfastly maintained their membership in that Society every year since 2009, contributing significantly to the Student Scholarship Fund and to the Unrestricted Fund.  In 2020, Tim and Melinda elected to create the Gary Deckert Endowed Scholarship, honoring Tim’s father, a Houghton alumnus from the Class of 1972.  This scholarship provides aid for Houghton students pursuing careers in social work or related fields. Recently, Tim and Melinda also joined the James S. Luckey Society, which honors those who elect to make legacy gifts to support the future of Houghton University.

Tim’s service to Houghton doesn’t end there.  He recognizes the vital importance of our annual One Day Giving Challenge.  Each year since its inception, Tim has been an active ambassador,  recruiting classmates and fellow alumni to join him in making gifts to provide scholarships for Houghton students. The ripple effect of Tim’s ambassadorship can’t possibly be calculated, and is a vital piece of the success of that day. Tim was also a reliable partner during Houghton’s $70,000,000 IMPACT campaign and has visited campus as a guest speaker for the Guest Professional Dinners (now known as BEST Talks).

For the past decade, Tim has volunteered on the Houghton University Alumni Board.  His service on this board is described as professional and reliable. If something needs to be done, Tim is the person to make it happen. He consistently demonstrates a willingness to serve and to take on the responsibility of executive roles, including serving as chair of the alumni board.

What might be considered his most significant role in recent years was his service on the Presidential Search Committee. Tim, once again, proved himself dedicated, willing, and highly engaged, knowing that the selection of Dr. Wayne Lewis, Jr. was key to the future of Houghton University.

Houghton’s Alumni Appreciation Award is given to someone who has demonstrated a strong commitment to the support and growth of Houghton University through active engagement in the life and mission of his or her alma mater. Few people could match this description as well as Tim. For his tireless generosity and service, it is our privilege to present to Timothy Deckert the 2023 Alumni Appreciation Award.