Student Scholarship Fund

Student Scholarship Fund

The Houghton College Student Scholarship Fund equips students with the financial resources to pursue God’s call on their lives through their Houghton education.

Giving to the Student Scholarship Fund is a powerful way to ensure Houghton’s academically challenging, Christ-centered education is affordable and accessible to students from diverse traditions and backgrounds. Every dollar given to the Student Scholarship Fund directly supports a Houghton student’s education.

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Abby Aguirre '21

Meet Abby, a current Houghton student following God’s call on her life through the support of generous friends and alumni like you. Help us celebrate Abby’s story with a special gift to the Houghton College Student Scholarship Fund today.

Abby Aguirre - featured studentGod’s Red Carpet

Abby Aguirre ‘21

When Abby Aguirre ’21 decided to major in business, she scheduled a trip to Houghton for a campus visit after hearing her friend talk about her London Honors experience. “When I visited, it was one of those rare moments when I clearly heard God – I was supposed to be here. It was like God rolled out the red carpet for me!”

Not only was Abby accepted as a student, she was also accepted into our first-year London Honors program – she admits to shedding tears of joy when she received the news. That kind of exuberant joy radiates from Abby, and she carries it into the many ways she is involved around campus. Abby is pursuing a dual major in Business Administration and Interdisciplinary Studies, along with a minor in Organizational Management. She has used her interdisciplinary studies credits substantially in the Music Industry department, and hopes to one day work in tour management for music recording artists. Her participation and leadership in MercySeat, Koinonia and as a member a summer ministry team enabled her to develop her skills as a vocalist, which she aspires to use as a worship pastor.

Abby’s love of music combined with business interest inspired her to explore the ways a Houghton education can be customized to meet a student’s specific vocational calling. She speaks highly of all her Houghton professors, particularly noting the leadership of Professor Carlton Campbell in the Music Industry department. Professor Campbell’s students are enthusiastic about learning together as a team, and he encourages them in helping each other identify their strengths and sharing knowledge with each other. It’s the kind of education that helps students like Abby thrive.

“Houghton was something I never planned for,” says Abby. “But one of the main things Houghton has taught me is when you go through life trusting God, He opens doors you couldn’t imagine. Following God to unexpected places has taught me new things about the way God displays his love through others. So many incredible opportunities have made me able to quiet myself before the Lord and humble myself to accept whatever He gives.”

Like most Houghton students, Abby wouldn’t be here without the support of the Student Scholarship Fund. “I truly believe the financial aid package I received was one of the many ways God said ‘this is where you belong, and this is the next step I want you to take.’ Houghton was my top school, but it would have looked very different for me without my aid package. The scholarships that support students help them make the decisions they feel God is calling them to make without the added worry of whether or not they can pay for it.”

God rolled out the red carpet for Abby to come to Houghton, and the Student Scholarship Fund made it possible for her to follow that path. Now, as she prepares to head on to the next step in her journey, she’s equipped to know that God’s faithfulness will carry her through whatever comes next.