Application Timeline:

Spring 2021 Admission: Fall 2021 Admission
November 2 – Priority Deadline
Rolling Admission after November 2
July 1 – Priority Deadline
Rolling Admission after July 1

Application Requirements


Write and submit a professional statement:

In 300-500 words, describe your professional and educational practices and how they inform your current professional goals. Consider sharing a story that demonstrates why you are pursuing a master’s in literacy education. Be sure to include how you think this master’s program might support you in improving your practice and address literacy challenges in today’s classrooms.


Submit your official college transcript from your baccalaureate institution

(showing evidence of at least a B average in your major field)


Submit standardized test scores from within the past 5 years.

Submit one of the following:

  • GRE (above the 50th percentile): You send your score to Houghton (Houghton’s GRE code: 3552)
  • edTPA (passing score): Houghton will obtain scores from the New York State TEACH system


Submit a valid teacher certification


Obtain and submit two letters of recommendation


Update and submit your resume

Admission Criteria

Undergraduate Degree

A Bachelor’s Degree with at least a B average in your major field


A GRE score above the 50th percentile or a passing score on the edTPA in the last 5 years

Teacher Certification

A valid initial teacher certification achieved or in-progress