0 Alissa Collins

Alissa Collins

Alissa Collins


Education: Obtaining Master’s in Counseling from Grand Rapids Theological Seminary
Hometown: Mt. Sterling, Ohio

Hobbies: Walks, Singing, Drinking tea

What was one of your favorite Residence life memories or events: One of my favorite memories in Residence Life was throwing an Awko Taco event. At this event we ate walking tacos and students competed with their most awkward or embarrassing stories. It was so fun to see students come together through laughter and tacos!

What is one of your goals in life: A goal I have in life is to foster children. I love meeting people in their brokenness and providing a safe and warm environment for people to be and to grow.

 Hope for Gillette this year: I hope to see the Lord boldly move through the community here in Gillette. I hope to see women grow individually, in relationship to one another, and in their understanding and desire to serve the Lord. I hope Gillette is a place that empowers women to be who God has created them to be.

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