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The business degree at Houghton College provides a high-quality professional education while also helping students develop the abilities to work in teams and lead others.

Studying business at Houghton provides a student with a top-quality education rooted in ethics, leadership and responsibility. The program includes a mix of classroom and real-world/hands-on experience. Business majors receive a broad foundation in management principles and can choose to focus their work in management, marketing, finance, economics, international business or international economics.

Because the business program emphasizes the liberal arts, students develop the ability to communicate effectively and think critically - both crucial skills in the business world. Due to the constantly changing nature of the business, accounting and economic environment, students learn more than the professional skills of the discipline.

The skills of working in teams and leading others are combined with learning about service and responsibility. By examining every aspect of our conduct through the eyes of Christian faith, the highest emphasis is placed on service to Christ and to each other. Students also learn the importance of Christians conducting all affairs, whether personal or professional, according to the highest ethical standards regardless of what others might accept.

Ben DiCrasto '20 shares his experience majoring in business administration at Houghton College

124 Credits


Required Courses


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Why Major in Business Administration?

  • Pursue graduate-level education immediately after graduation in our 4+1 accelerated MBA program.
  • Get real-world, hands-on experience in the field with our many student-run business opportunities.
  • Study with faculty members who have years of professional business experience in a variety of fields, including (but not limited to) broadcasting, manufacturing, healthcare, retail, nonprofits, banking, public relations, higher education and human resource management.
  • Receive excellent preparation to take the major field test in business, an assessment of seniors from colleges across the country who are studying business. The major field test is administered at 489 colleges and universities to 31,000 college seniors majoring in business. Houghton seniors as a class have consistently scored in the top 5 percent in the United States.
  • Join the 100 percent of Houghton business majors who are employed or in graduate school one year after graduation (according to a survey done in 2014).

Hands-on Experiential Learning

Business and accounting majors at Houghton have many opportunities to get real experience in the field. Our Student Investment Group manages a six-digit real money portfolio while the innovative Houghton Student Enterprises group plans, manages, and operates numerous on-campus businesses. Students interested in human resources management run the Houghton student chapter of the Society for Human Resource Management. Professional members of the business community are brought to campus regularly through our Guest Professional Dinners to meet with students and present seminars on topics of current interest in the business world. Every student is involved in at least one for-credit internship as part of the program. Students can also participate overseas in the International Business Institute.

4 + 1 Accelerated MBA: Five Years, Two Degrees

Houghton has established agreements with selected graduate schools whereby qualified students who have earned a BS degree in business can accelerate their MBA degree. Students can waive certain MBA foundation courses, allowing them to complete an MBA in one year. Houghton currently has 4+1 agreements with Alfred University, Clarkson University, Niagara University, Rochester Institute of Technology and St. Bonaventure University.

Business Investment Center

The Business Investment Center is designed to give select business and accounting students the hands-on opportunity to research and buy and sell stocks with real money. Equipped with a 24-foot-long stock ticker streaming the latest quotes and LCD screens showing market commentators and their predictions, the Business Investment Center serves as a trading room, classroom, and study area. Students have been managing a portion of the Houghton College stock portfolio since 2001 and have grown the assets under management to approximately $460,000—consistently outperforming the S&P 500.

Faculty Members with Solid Experience in the Field

Many of our business faculty members have 25 years or more of professional working experience prior to their academic career. Our professors have served as Certified Public Accountants, human resource managers, financial consultants, public relations directors, business analysts, television and radio broadcasters, communication strategy managers, organizational effectiveness consultants, lawyers, and entrepreneurs. The experience they bring into the classroom enriches and validates what students are learning through their coursework.

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