Clarify your vocational calling as a Christian physician while receiving the excellent academic preparation needed for successful application and acceptance to medical school.

Medicine is an exciting and ever-changing field, providing physicians with a stimulating and rewarding career. The practice of medicine is also a wonderful opportunity – it is a privilege, in fact, to join Christ in his ongoing ministry of compassion to this hurting world. With the preparation you will receive as a pre-med student at Houghton College, you may find yourself working in medical missions around the world or as a physician around the corner. Join in the calling of Christian doctors worldwide, and bring hope and healing as you minister to those in need.

Personal Attention from Invested Faculty

With a departmental emphasis on personalized teaching and close relationships among faculty and students, pre-med students have many opportunities to get to know their professors on a personal level. Professors teach the labs as well as lectures instead of relying on teaching assistants to teach the laboratory sessions, and class sizes are deliberately capped to maximize interaction between faculty and students.

Undergraduate Research

Many motivated pre-med students do real research with one or more of the faculty at Houghton College. Some of these students publish their findings in peer-reviewed journals or present talks and posters at regional and national conferences. Opportunities for research include the Collaborative Research in Biology course, independent study, senior honors projects and the Summer Research Institute. Students have also traveled with faculty to work with collaborators (e.g., Cornell University and the Sierra Nevada mountains of California).

Why Study Pre-Med at Houghton?

  • Be mentored, supported and cared for by invested faculty members who care about your academic success as well as your spiritual, emotional, and professional growth.
  • Shadow local practitioners for real-world experience in the field.
  • Serve as a volunteer EMT with the local fire department.
  • Volunteer at an inner-city clinic in Buffalo with Jericho Road Ministries.
  • Travel to a developing country to study foundations of health development.
  • Enroll in our pre-health practicum, where you will live with – and learn from – a Houghton alumnus who is a practicing health care worker.
  • Conduct, publish and present real research with one or more of Houghton College’s faculty members.

Biology and Pre-Med at Houghton

Early Medical School Program

Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine (LECOM) will grant early acceptance for up to 15 Houghton students per year into LECOM’s associated schools of medicine, dentistry or pharmacy provided they meet certain academic criteria.

The affiliation agreement will enable students who are US citizens to simultaneously apply to Houghton College and LECOM. If accepted into the program, the student will begin their education at Houghton and be provisionally accepted into LECOM. Students in the program must meet certain requirements including maintaining an overall grade-point average above 3.2 in all science courses (3.4 cumulative) and completion of a standard list of required classes.

The LECOM agreement also has an option for an accelerated medical school program where top academic quality students can attend three years at Houghton and then move into LECOM a year early. Credit from their first year at LECOM School of Medicine allows them to receive a bachelor’s degree from Houghton College and also counts as their first year of medical school. Students who want to participate in this accelerated program can sign up as late as their sophomore year at Houghton.

Annually, LECOM will hold open a maximum of five slots for Houghton students for each of the three associated schools of medicine, dentistry and pharmacy with a maximum of 15 Houghton College students being accepted into LECOM each year.

LECOM is the nation’s largest medical college and has campuses in Lake Erie, Pa. and Bradenton, Fla.

Registration and Advising

In addition to a primary academic adviser within their major, each pre-med student will meet regularly (ideally once a semester) with the pre-med adviser, currently, Dr. Jamie Potter.

Houghton College seeks to foster an environment, in which pre-medical students can clarify their vocational calling as Christian physicians while receiving the excellent academic preparation needed for successful application and acceptance to medical school. It is hoped that while students are challenged academically through strong curricula in general education, the sciences, and their chosen field of major, God would use their experiences at Houghton, to either affirm their desire to serve the Lord in medicine or make another calling clear to them. We trust that the Lord will give grace and peace to each pre-medical student daily as he/she endeavors to follow this challenging path.

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