Students sitting at table discussing a topic in a Christ-centered learning environment.


Your Academic Journey

At Houghton, we help you translate your unique blend of interests, talents, and abilities into meaningful work that God has for you to do in the world. You will be stretched in unexpected ways through life-changing experiences and learning opportunities, led by accomplished and caring faculty and staff who are intentionally invested in you – in your growth, your dreams, your success.

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Expert Faculty

Houghton faculty are gifted, passionate educators seeking the most effective ways to maximize YOUR education. They inspire, both in and outside of the classroom, and nurture your interests and strengths.

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Off Campus Studies

At Houghton, more than half our students experience the world through off campus study. For students, this is a way to take what you’re learning about political science, for example –and apply it in a new context.

Discover Global Experiences

Experiential Learning

At Houghton, we believe in providing you with opportunities to take what you are learning in the classroom and apply it in real time to solve real-world problems – readying you for your future career and vocation.

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Areas of Study

General Education Coursework

At Houghton, your general education coursework is structured around Houghton's mission," provide an academically challenging, Christ-centered education that equips students to lead and labor as scholar-servants in a changing world." Think of it as a road map. As you travel through this curriculum, you’ll begin to find your place in the world and chart the course for your future.

You'll take core courses in:

Biblical and Theological Studies 9 credits
Integrated Humanities 9 credits
Global Competence 6 credits
Social Science 6 credits
Writing 6 credits
Natural Science 4 credits
Abstract and Quantitative Reasoning 2 credits
Art and Music 2 credits
Transitions 1 credit
Wellness 1 credit
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Integrating the Humanities

Teaching great ideas and texts from philosophy and literature in their historical context means that students not only learn about the foundational ideas that shaped western culture, but also see why these ideas developed when and how they did.  Students explore Western history as a developing story with texts and ideas in conversation and conflict with each other—not simply events on a timeline. Students see how people from different eras responded to the most important questions of their day. Students thus develop ideas about how to approach the questions of their own society and culture.

Applying Math and Science to the World's Questions

All general education science courses at Houghton involve experiential learning, where students try out the concepts that they are learning. They move between thinking and doing as they develop the ability to engage in rational, informed discussion on scientific topics of strong contemporary interest. Students study what science is and how it has changed our understanding of who we are and our place in the universe. They also learn about the critical role science plays in contemporary life and the relationships between science, society, and Christianity. Finally, students learn how to approach quantitative and conceptual problems—training that builds crucial analytical skills essential for any major or vocation.

Preparing to Engage a Changing World

Because Houghton’s mission is to prepare students to lead and labor in a changing world, all students receive preparation for interacting with a dynamic and culturally diverse world. Students can choose to study a language and build their skills of cross-cultural communication in this way or they can take other courses that are designed to prepare them to understand, interact with, and engage other cultures.

Exploring and Developing Faith

After foundational courses in Bible and Christian theology, students come back to these topics and choose a course for further study of the Bible, spiritual formation, theology, or the life of the church. As the Christian life is one of constant growth and development toward spiritual maturity, students continue to explore their faith throughout their college career, not stopping after completing an introduction or two.

Enriching Writing

All Houghton students get in-depth writing instruction. Students who need it take foundational coursework in college-level writing and every student takes an additional course or courses that provide developmental feedback on significant amounts of writing. Since writing is essential to so many callings, all students, no matter their major, get the opportunity to improve and develop these skills.