Computer Science Degree

A computer science degree at Houghton College includes a balanced mixture of theory and application.

Beyond traditional offerings in Programming, Networking, Data Bases, Data Structures & Algorithms, our major has included some interesting and challenging courses such as Machine Learning, Data Mining, Neural Networks, and Computational Biology. Coursework within the major responds to current trends in the field. The newest versions of software are used for teaching and special courses are offered to introduce new topics.

Another prominent feature of our program is extensive collaborative research between faculty and students, which is offered in various ways including summer research, Honors projects, and computer science courses. 

Students are actively involved in the whole research process, from reading papers in a particular area, formulating problems to solve, implementing the solutions in various computer languages, and finally writing a scientific paper to publish. As a result, 14 papers by our students have been published in different peer-reviewed journals. These papers cover a wide array of topics including siRNA prediction, chemosensitivity, HIV, lung cancer, influenza, computer network security, and social networks.

Real world experience

Our students have the opportunity to do interdisciplinary research with faculty on topics like machine learning and bioinformatics. Many students find summer internships with area companies or use their skills to serve other organizations throughout the year.

Our lab provides an environment where students can learn and explore many new technologies.  The computers in the lab were all assembled by our students.

Research Report 2014

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