0 Houghton staff and faculty standing on the steps of the Wesley Chapel.

Houghton University Welcomes New Faculty Members

November 16, 2023

Houghton University was honored to welcome three new faculty members this year, with each professor offering a wide range of industry expertise and a strong commitment to Houghton University’s Christian mission.

Houghton professor Babafemi Sorinolu standing outside on campus lawn.

Babafemi Sorinolu is a Visiting Assistant Professor of Computer Science. He received his B.S. in Computer Science from Bowen University, Iwo, his M.S in Computer Science from the University of Ibadan, then another M.S in Computer Science from Stevens Institute of Technology. His research interests involve Machine Learning, Digital Health, Gerontechnology, Smart Homes and Explainable AI.

My love for teaching and life aspiration to make a significant difference in people’s lives with my interaction, skills and expertise as I continue to live out a Christ-centered lifestyle finds an ideal home at Houghton University.

Babafemi Sorinolu, Visiting Assistant Professor of Computer Science

Dr. Benjamin Wheaton is a Visiting Professor of History. He received his B.Hum. at Carleton University, his M.A in Medieval Studies at the University of Toronto, then his Ph.D. in Medieval Studies at the University of Toronto. His research interests focus on the later Roman Empire, late antique and early medieval Mediterranean world, early medieval Christian Biblical commentaries, cross-cultural intellectual networks in the ancient and medieval Mediterranean world and medieval Christian theology.

I have been very impressed by the way professors at Houghton tailor their courses to the varying makeup of each class, and so have been trying to adjust my teaching based on what I learn about the individual character of each class.

Benjamin Wheaton, Visiting Professor of History
Houghton professor Min Wang with dark blazer and patterned shirt.

Dr. Min Wang is an Associate Professor of Education. She received her Ph.D. in Second Language Acquisition and Literacies at Alabama University. Her research interests focus on second language acquisition and literacies, raciolinguistics, positioning and agency, teacher and learner identity, discourse and narrative analysis, multimodality, speech acts and culturally relevant pedagogy.

I believe that God brought me to Houghton University because He wanted me to be part of the community to cultivate our students to lead and labor as scholar-servants and agents of change in this challenging world.

Min Wang, Associate Professor of Education

Houghton’s faculty members are committed to integrating Christian faith in all their subjects. For more information on faculty members, visit Houghton’s official website to find a full list of majors offered and the expert faculty that teach in them.