2014-15 Parking Permit Information

(Prices are subject to change without notice.)

Parking Permit Cost Lots Eligible
Fire Hall $20   $30 Fire Hall Any Student
Townhouse $20 $35 All Townhouse lots, Fire Hall Any student living in Townhouses
Perimeter $50 $85 All Townhouse lots, Shenawana, Fire Hall, Nielsen PEC/Stevens Art
Junior or Senior
Rothenbuhler Hall $50 $85 Rothenbuhler Hall, Perimeter areas Junior or Senior and
 Living in Rothenbuhler Hall
Lambein $50 $85 Lambein, Perimeter areas Junior or Senior and
 Living in Lambein
Commuter $80 $135 Gillette Hall, Perimeter areas
Living outside hamlet of Houghton
Main $90 $150 Gillette Hall, Perimeter areas
Junior or Senior and
Living in Gillette or Lambein
Motorcycle No Charge Any Lot Any Student

Parking Permit Renewal

If you have previously registered a vehicle with the Safety and Security office and are registering with the same license plate number (even if on a different vehicle) you may renew your registration online. Please read all instructions and eligibility requirements before submitting this form.

Permit Renewal Form

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