0 Student-Run Design Studio Thrives at Houghton University

Student-Run Design Studio Thrives at Houghton University

January 1, 1970

Griddle Studios, an independent, student-run graphic design studio at Houghton University, launched in September 2018 with a team of four Houghton juniors: Noah Miller, Timothy Paschalis, Jacob Crawford, and Kyle Dunham. In the year since, they’ve wasted no time in developing a professional portfolio in branding, advertising, web design, and photo and video projects.

The founders’ vision for their studio was twofold. First, they desired to create an environment where communication and applied design students at Houghton could gain valuable work experience that could translate to future careers in their chosen fields. Second, they aimed to provide high-quality design and branding to the businesses and organizations they serve, and in the process, make “the businesses more profitable and their world a little more beautiful.”

The company recently finished an advertising campaign for the Hoboken-based restaurant Dolce and Solato which included posters and large bus stop billboards. The group has grown quickly, and they are poised to share their passion with more clients, both in the Houghton area and beyond.

“We’ve exceeded our own expectations and created something we can be proud of,” said Noah Miller ’20, the company’s co-founder. “We started the company with just an idea, and within a few weeks it really started to blossom.”

Griddle Studios currently represents students majoring in communication, business, marketing, and applied design. Christopher Thomas, who joined the team last year and now serves as CEO, takes the lead on Griddle’s business management. Paschalis, Crawford, and Dunham oversee projects in their respective areas of expertise (print and advertising, photography and videography, and logo design and branding, respectively), while also supervising teams of student interns.

Griddle Studios is currently accepting new clients. If you would like to contact Griddle you can visit their website, email them at griddlestudios@gmail.com, or connect with them on Facebook and Instagram @griddlestudios.