Honors in London

Immerse yourself in one of the world’s great capitals with Houghton’s honors semester in London.

Houghton Students in London

Spend the spring semester of your first year abroad with experienced faculty and a group of thoughtful and motivated friends: reading great texts from Martin Luther to contemporary philosophy and social theory, studying art and architecture from Da Vinci to the latest conceptual art, and interacting with a city that draws from every corner of the globe.

How did it get this way?

To know where you are—or even who you are—you need to know where you come from. The London curriculum focuses on the origins and development of the globalized, digitally connected contemporary world. By digging deeply into our sources every morning, by learning to see the connections among books, paintings, buildings, and music, by writing an analytical paper every weekend, drawing together what you’ve seen and heard and read, you will become a more informed and thoughtful participant in contemporary society.

The city is our classroom

There is no better place to do this than in one of the world’s premier capitals. Every morning, we meet together for a context-setting lecture or for discussion of our reading; every afternoon we fan out across the city, navigating the Tube system on our way to an unmatched collection of world-class museums and galleries. Students are also given the opportunity to get to know and serve alongside their British neighbors as we place them for a few hours a week with a Christian organization in the city.

Applying to London Honors