Theology. For some, this word conjures up images of ancient books, pulpit-poundings and theses nailed to old doors—something born and aged in the years of yesterday. If, however, you find yourself craving a deeper understanding of theology than this definition provides, the theology program at Houghton would be a good fit for you.

The comprehensive major in theology is designed for those who want a liberal arts degree with a maximum of Biblical and theological studies. Recipients of a theology degree consistently testify of how well their education at Houghton shaped them into someone qualified and passionate to fulfill God’s calling on their lives and of their continued desire for him to work through them for His glory.

Students majoring in theology may elect one of the following concentrations:

  • Missions & Intercultural Studies
  • Music and Worship Ministries
  • Pastoral Ministries
  • Sports Ministry
  • Youth Ministry

Why Major in Theology?

  • Stretch your thinking and be challenged to explore a breadth and depth of theological perspectives that, up to this point, you may have never considered before.
  • Study with expert faculty who believe that God’s word is still relevant and foundational to a robust and winsome expression of Christ’s mission.
  • Learn about your theological and philosophical roots as you investigate new ways to solve problems in today’s increasingly interconnected world.
  • Dive deep into the word of God as you study a wide range of courses on various aspects of Biblical text.

Theology at Houghton

The world is complex, and God’s people must engage the hard questions that face us. At Houghton, we seek to apply reason in partnership with grace as we think critically about our world, the Bible and ethical issues in the church and the world. Our goal is to teach students to read the Bible well and to give students the skills to think about important questions as we seek answers together in Scripture.

Impact and Heritage of Biblical Studies at Houghton

Houghton Bible and theology alumni serve in an inspiring diversity of careers. They can be found in every kind of pastoral ministry, chaplaincy and parachurch work. Our program has a 50-year history of preparing Bible translators and missionaries. Our grads have been accepted to seminary and doctoral programs at dozens of schools. They teach and serve in higher education around the world; others work for NGOs or serve their communities in mental health, health care and law enforcement.

Pastoral Ministries

The pastoral ministries concentration is designed to prepare students for pastoral ministry service. It is structured so that all academic requirements for ministerial ordination in The Wesleyan Church can be fulfilled. Students interested in Wesleyan ordination should consult the Biblical Studies, Theology and Philosophy department chair or the director of ministerial education for particular course requirements. This program will also contribute to the ordination requirements of other denominations.

Major Requirements