Undergrad Research

Houghton’s undergraduate computer science students can extend their understanding of computer science by applying their skills to research, either through honors projects or summer research opportunities. Many of these research projects are in the area of bioinformatics, allowing students to apply their understanding of the liberal arts in an integrative way to address important medical issues using the tools of computer science. Such opportunities can be significant in choosing career direction and getting internships or jobs.

Honors Projects:

Students who excel in the standard computer science curriculum are frequently encouraged to take part in an honors project – and extended, multi-semester study that culminates in the production and defense of a final thesis.

Support Vector Machines for Optimizing Multiclass Image Classification Training Time

Nicholas Ruiz ’06

Prediction of MHC Class I and Class II Epitopes Using Boosting and Voting Algorithms

Matt Duguay ’07

A Piecewise Linear Model for siRNA Efficacy Prediction

Carissa Bousfield ’08

Clustering HIV-1 Sequences using the Ant Colony Algorithm

David King ’09

Identification of a Novel Gene Signature for Lung Cancer

Erin Bard ’11

Condon Bias of Influenza Viruses

Keli Fancher ’11

Data Stream Subspace Clustering for Anomalous Network Packet Detection

Zachary Miller ’12

Community Detection and Sentiment Analysis on Twitter Networks

William Deitrick ’13

Community Detection in Dynamic Social Networks

Nathan Aston ’14

The Impact of Twitter Sentiment on Stock Price

Brian Dickinson ’15

Summer Research

Each summer, the a group of computer science students and faculty participate in the Houghton College’s Summer Research Institute. Students in the sciences work closely with faculty mentors on research projects in a variety of topics for a period of five weeks, before giving a presentation of their findings.

Find out more about the Summer Research Institute.

Using Random Perturbation Method to Improve Efficacy Prediction of siRNA Sequences

  • Willard Frutiger
  • Jeremy Collins
  • Wei Hu

Summer Research (2008)

Covariation of HIV-1 Mutations from Different Treatments and Subtypes of Protease and RT

  • David King
  • Roger Cherry
  • Wei Hu

Summer Research (2009)

 Correlation of Selected Molecular Markers in Chemosensitivity Prediction

  • David King
  • Thomas Keane
  • Wei Hu

Summer Research (2010)

 Characteristic Sites in the Internal Proteins of Avian and Human Influenza Viruses

  • David King
  • Zachary Miller
  • Wesley Jones
  • Wei Hu

Summer Research (2011)

 Anomalous Network Packet Detection Using Data Stream Mining

  • Zachary Miller
  • William Deitrick
  • Wei Hu

Summer Research (2012)

Twitter Spammer Detection Using Data Stream Clustering

  • Zachary Miller
  • Brian Dickinson
  • Wei Hu

Summer Research (2013)

Community Detection in Social Networks

  • Brian Dickinson
  • Benjamin Valyou
  • Wei Hu

Summer Research (2014)

Community Detection in Dynamic Social Networks

  • Nathan Aston
  • Jacob Hertzler
  • Wei Hu