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Cybersecurity Concentration

Stay Ahead of Evolving Cyber Threats

Protect systems, networks and programs from digital attacks with a concentration in cybersecurity that helps prepare you to earn three certifications sought by employers. Cybersecurity is part of the Computer Science major at Houghton.

Explore the Course Requirements

Gain the Skills you need in this fast-growing industry

Your coursework in cybersecurity will prepare you to stay one step ahead of evolving cyber threats and provide you with fundamental IT skills through:



Real-world problems

Insights from industry experts

Cybersecurity Courses Offered in Partnership with RIZE Education

This project-based curriculum prepares you to excel in the critical and growing field of cybersecurity and requires only a small amount of basic programming. You will assess modern cybersecurity challenges that threaten privacy, security and safety, and gain both the knowledge and hands-on technical skills to protect digital assets from cyber criminals who leverage sophisticated social and cyber tactics to facilitate attacks.

Is a Cybersecurity concentration worth it?

Did you know that the U.S. had almost 500,000 unfilled job openings in cybersecurity in 2021? Specializing your computer science degree with a minor in cybersecurity prepares you for a highly demanded and highly compensated career.

Job Growth

4x times the national average.*

Salary Increase Over Time

Average Salary is $97K, and by year six is over 6 figures. 

The program also prepares you to pursue three key cybersecurity certifications: 

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