0 Derck Served as Associate Editor of Encyclopedia of Biblical Theology

Derck Served as Associate Editor of Encyclopedia of Biblical Theology

April 27, 2020

Dr. Sarah Derck served as an Associate Editor of The Global Wesleyan Encyclopedia of Biblical Theology, published by The Foundry Publishing in March 2020. Both Derck and Dr. Kristina LaCelle-Peterson contributed articles:

  • Sarah Derck, “Matriarchs”; “Sacred Space”
  • Kristina LaCelle-Peterson, “Justice in the New Testament”

This volume features contributors drawn from the global family of churches in the Wesleyan tradition, the Encyclopedia aims “to define major biblical terms, themes, and concepts, and, where appropriate, to offer a characteristic Wesleyan assessment of each.” The volume provides “a guide for understanding the richness of the Wesleyan approach to interpreting Scripture,” and encourages “Christians in that tradition [to] live and articulate their faith in a global context” (quotes taken from the Preface, p. 7.) The Encyclopedia is a companion volume to the 2013 publication, The Global Wesleyan Dictionary of Theology.

Sarah Derck says, “This project, over 6 years in the making, was a delight: to work with the best scholars of the Wesleyan world, on such important ideas, to create a valuable resource for students, pastors, and laypeople. If you want to know “What Wesleyans think” about a given topic in the Bible, this Encyclopedia is a fantastic starting place.”

Learn more by visiting: https://www.thefoundrypublishing.com/global-wesleyan-encyclopedia-of-biblical-theology-9780834138230.html