Soaring Eagles Society

Soaring Eagles Society

The Soaring Eagles Society was created to honor alumni who choose to support their alma mater financially during their first 10 years after graduation. Their annual gifts of any size reflect their support of Christian higher education and the transformation of Houghton students into people of character, competence and conviction. Gifts may go to the Houghton College Student Scholarship Fund or to an existing project or designation of choice.

The Significance of the Eagles

The statute of the Soaring Eagles has been a prominent fixture on the Houghton College campus since 1986. The statute commemorates six members of the Class of 1982, who lost their lives in a tragic car accident in October of 1981. One of the enduring characteristics of Houghton College came to the fore during that incredible time of grief – our sense of supportive community. In the 1981-1982 academic year, the Houghton community came together to support one another in profound and meaningful ways that shaped the lives of many across campus. The Soaring Eagles Society reflects this spirit of support and encouragement as recent graduates support those now journeying through their education at Houghton.

As a symbol of our appreciation for this commitment, members of the Soaring Eagles Society will receive special news and updates on a quarterly basis from President Mullen, faculty, staff, students, or other alumni.

We invite you to become a member of the Soaring Eagles Society today. Your gifts will both symbolically and tangibly make a difference in the lives of Houghton students and will help ensure the continuing success of your alma mater.