Classical Christian Education Online

For Homeschoolers, other High Schoolers and Beyond

Are you in search of a rigorously academic, Christ-centered approach to classical education? Whether you are a homeschooling family, at a classical Christian school, or value continued learning at every stage of life, Houghton College has a robust set of offerings that may be of particular interest to you.

These credit-bearing college courses can be used get a head start on your degree at Houghton College, or transferred to any college. Although Houghton offers many courses online, the following selection may be of particular interest to homeschoolers and other high school students pursuing a more classically oriented curriculum.

Course Cost

Online courses for high school students are an affordable option, discounted heavily compared to the same courses offered during the academic year.

  • $180 per credit hour
    • No technology fee
    • Not including cost of textbooks and other course materials

Students participating through a partner school or homeschool consortium will be eligible for a special group rate. Interested in becoming a partner? Contact Ken Schenck.