Classical Christian Education Online

For Homeschoolers, other High Schoolers and Beyond

Houghton College has a robust set of offerings that may be of particular interest to students and families who take a classical approach to Christian education. We have built this curriculum for anyone who values a rigorously academic, Christ-centered approach to classical education, whether you are a homeschooling family, at a classical Christian school, or value continued learning at every stage of life.

These are normal, credit-bearing college courses that can be used toward a degree at any college. They certainly can give you a head start toward a degree at Houghton College!

Although Houghton offers many courses online, the following planned selection may be of particular interest to homeschoolers and other high school students pursuing a more classically oriented curriculum:

Summer Module 1 (5/8 – 6/28)

  • Introduction to Political Thought (Peter Meilaender)
  • In Search of Justice (Peter Meilaender)
  • Elements of Nutrition (Jamie Potter)

Summer Module 2 (6/29 – 8/23)

  • The American Founding (The American Political System, Peter Meilaender)
  • Introduction to International Relations (Peter Meilaender)
  • Latin for Today (Beginning Latin I, Ken Schenck)

Fall Module 1

  • The Great Books: Ancient and Medieval (Enduring Questions 1)
  • Music of World Cultures (Armenio Suzano)

Fall Module 2 

  • The Great Books: The Modern World (Enduring Questions III)
  • Science and Scripture (Ken Schenck)
  • Spanish 1