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Andrew Reith

Andrew Reith

Resident Director - Men's Area, Instructor of Piano, Collaborative Pianist

I love people and I love music! It gives me great joy to work with college students and communicate and share my love of music and life with them! I have a rich tradition of teachers and mentors who modeled Godly excellence in all of their lives. It is my hope that I can educate and influence in the ways which have been so impactful for me.

Every student is unique and has a God-given potential. Jesus Christ is the giver of gifts and gives these gifts to His people “according to the grace given to them.” (Romans 12:6) Houghton University offers faculty and staff a great opportunity to foster a student’s gifting through the lens of scripture and encourage growth that benefits the student emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

1 Corinthians 10:31 says that “whatever you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.” Excellence is key. Excellence to the Lord’s glory. Excellence in music and excellence as residential relationships are developed. Houghton University’s strong Biblical grounding makes this easy and exciting! Psalm 95 says “Come, let us sing to the Lord…the Rock of our Salvation.” It is my hope that students will see Christ both in the dorms and in our shared musical journeys together.



  • M.M. in Choral Conducting/Collaborative Piano | Houghton College
  • B.M. in Piano Performance | Nyack College

Courses Taught

  • Piano Proficiency Lessons
  • Collaborative Piano Ensembles

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