Packing List

What to bring to Houghton University

Below are recommendations as to what you should personally bring and what you might want to discuss with your roommate. As you pack, keep in mind:

  • That Houghton has four seasons and you will need items for all four at one time or another.
  • When you will be coming back home so that you can exchange some things.

View Floor Plan

Plan ahead knowing the dimensions of an average room and furniture in your residence hall (including mattress size).


Everything you will need, but might not think about!

  • Laundry Basket
  • Bedding
  • Toiletries
  • Shower Caddy & Shower Shoes – flip flops work great!
  • Hangers
  • Over the door shoe rack or over the door hooks
  • Robe
  • Bath Towels
  • Fan – it’s hot in the residence halls the first 2 weeks
  • Power Strips with surge protection (NYS Fire Safety Tip: extension cords not permitted)
  • Dishes (cup, mug, plate, a cooking pot, silverware)
  • Slippers
  • Small Trash Can
  • Headphones
  • School Supplies


What you will need to make the most of your leisure time at Houghton (and to enjoy the beautiful 1,300-acre campus)!

  • Hammock
    New Students: Complete your enrollment checklist to receive a Houghton hammock when you move-in!
  • Sports Equipment
  • Outdoor Attire
  • Bike, Scooter, Roller Blades
  • Board Games
  • Video Games
  • Bluetooth Speaker
  • Craft Supplies
  • Winter Snow Gear
  • Swim Trunks (We have a pool!)
  • Snacks
  • Coffee Maker (Fire Safety Note: All Coffee makers must have automatic shut off. Keurig coffee makers are a great option!)
  • Electric Kettle: helpful for making some hot tea, soup, or mac and cheese quickly in your room.
  • Projector

Room Decorations

  • Photos and Posters
  • Lamps (NYS Fire Safety Tip: all student lamps must have an LED light bulb; lamps with USB ports or outlets on the base cannot be used in rooms due to NYS Fire Code)
  • LED lights (NYS Fire Safety Tip: traditional Christmas lights are not permitted, must be LED. LED lights cannot be installed over doorways, windows, or wrapped around furniture like beds). Decorating tip: use LED tape lights at own risk – these have been known to pull paint off walls which would be a damage fine assessed to the student at end of the year. We recommend rope lights or LED Lights hooked on 3M strips
  • 3M Strips
  • Stick Tack
  • Residence halls are equipped with blinds. For those desiring curtains, they must be fire-retardant, with an attached label to the curtain indicating fire-retardant status. If ordering online, students should keep the packaging for proof of approved curtains.
  • Succulents can be a great addition to your room!

Collaborate with Your Roommate

You only need 1 of these, so check with your roommate to see what each of you will bring.

  • TV
  • Streaming device (Amazon Firestick, AppleTV, Roku; there is no cable in the residence halls)
  • Mini Fridge (Note: max fridge size is 2.7 cubic feet; must be energy star certified. Every residence hall has a full size fridge for community use.

Please Leave at Home

  • Multi-headed Lamps
  • Wall Tapestries and Large Flags
  • Bed Risers
  • Pets
Please Note: when deciding whether to bring additional furniture (futons, desk chairs, etc), please consider each room is equipped with a desk and chair, dresser, and bed, which remain in the room all year.

One Stop Shop with Dormify

To make your transition to campus as easy as possible, The Highlander Shop (Houghton's Bookstore) partners with Dormify so you can order items for your residence hall room and have them shipped directly to Houghton.

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