New Students

Welcome to Houghton!

We're so glad you've chosen Houghton as the place to accelerate your God-given potential. There are a few important tasks to check off before you are ready. Please take a moment to review the following checklist. Each of these items are to be completed prior to your arrival to campus.

Download the New Student ChecklistTrack Your Progress

Did you confirm your enrollment?

Return your confirmation of enrollment form and submit your enrollment deposit of $300 (response requested within four weeks of receiving your financial aid package).

Confirm Your Enrollment & Deposit

- New Student Checklist -

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Housing Preference and Schedule

Submit Enrollment Profile & Housing Preference

Submit your Enrollment Profile & Housing Preference form to indicate if you would like to request campus housing or commute, give your preferences, and share information to help us match you with a roommate.

Submit Enrollment Profile & Housing Preference

Submit Your Course Preferences

Once you have submitted your course preferences, a member of the Faculty Advising Team will put together a course schedule and email it to you. If you have any questions, please reply to the email.

Select Courses
Once you submit your Course Preference Form, watch for an email that contains your schedule. If you have questions, contact your advisor or the Registrar.

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Finances and Health Forms

Set Up Your Houghton Email Account

You will receive instructions by email on how to access your email 1-2 days after depositing. Once you have access to your new student email account, check it regularly to receive notifications from Houghton University.

Setup Instructions

Apply for Federal Aid

If you are a U.S. citizen, complete the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) and be sure to list Houghton's school code (002734). If you are a NY State Resident submit a TAP (Tuition Assistance Program) Application. Directions are provided at the end of the FAFSA application.

Complete Your FAFSA

Take Action on Health Insurance

Health insurance is REQUIRED for international students (excluding Canadians) and athletes taking at least 12 hours of credit and strongly encouraged for all other students. 

Important Details about Health Insurance

Submit Your Health Forms

Fall Semester - Deadline: August 1
Spring Semester - Deadline: December 31
Access Health FormsSubmit Your Confidential Medical Report

Submit Final High School and/or College Transcripts

Fall Semester - Deadline: August 5
Spring Semester - Deadline: December 31

A Final Transcript is post-graduation or after all coursework is complete and is sent to Houghton directly from your school/college.

Submit Transcript

Submit Scholarship Information (if applicable)

Fall Semester - Deadline: June 15
Spring Semester - Deadline: November 14

Submit this information to Student Financial Services.

Call: 585.567.9328

Submit Your Photo

Submit a photo for your student ID. You must log in using your Houghton email and password.

Submit my photo

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Financial Aid, Billing and Purchasing Books

Review Financial Aid Checklist and Billing Information

Fall Semester - Deadline: August 12, 2024

Review our process for financial validation and prepare your financial aid strategy.

Financial Aid Information

Notify Student Financial Services About Loans

Fall Semester - Deadline: August 5, 2024

If you are applying for a federal plus loan or private loan, please notify Student Financial Services. We must receive notification of the approved application.

Buy Your Books

Checkout in 5 minutes and save an average of 60% off list price.

Purchase Books Through the Highlanders Shop

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Sure. It will all fit! Get all your stuff together and head to the campus. We can’t wait to see you!

Manage Your Technology Needs

Review our technology requirements to see our suggestions and recommendations.

Technology Information

What to Bring to Houghton

Remember to bring the essentials, but also check this list for the items you might want to discuss with your roommate or bring for fun!

Houghton's Recommended Packing List

Mark Your Calendars

Save the dates for orientation, move-in day, and your first day of classes! These are the key milestones when you can expect to hear from Houghton.

July 12

Highlander Passport Day
As you prepare for your Houghton University journey, let us help you get a jumpstart. Meet with a variety of offices that can help make your move-in day in August run smoothly.
Array ( [href] => [title] => Passport Day [target] => _self ) Learn more about Passport Day

August 12

Pay Your Bill
Pay your bill by the deadline so you can focus your attention on planning to arrive in Houghton!
Array ( [href] => /undergraduate/tuition-aid/paying-your-bill/ [title] => Paying Your Bill [target] => _self ) Pay your bill

August 30

If you are an international student, MK or student athlete, connect with your admission counselor and/or coach for additional information.
Array ( [href] => [title] => New Student Orientation and Information [target] => _self ) Move-in day and Orientation Details

September 2

First Day of Classes
Your Houghton adventure begins!
Array ( [href] => /current-students/registrar/houghton-ny-undergraduate-students/calendars-important-dates-and-daily-schedules/ [title] => Calendars & Important Dates [target] => _self ) View Calendar & Important Dates