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Application Process


Apply to Houghton College

Applicants wishing to be considered for the Houghton Honors Program must complete the Houghton College admission process. Upon admission to Houghton, selected students will be invited to interview for admission to the program on the basis of their academic profile. The 2021-2022 interview process allows for you to choose to interview virtually or on-campus. The virtual interview will be a two-day experience, and the on-campus interview will be a one-day experience. Both experiences will consist of an interview, an evaluated activity, information sessions on our programs, and opportunities to interact with and ask questions of the Director of each program and recent honors students.
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Receive an Invitation

The Office of Admission will begin the formal invitation process to interview for the program, beginning in September and continuing through early February. Decisions regarding admission to the program will be made on a rolling basis, within three weeks of completion of your interview.

Cost of Honors

The basic cost of participation includes Houghton tuition plus program fees. The cost is only incrementally more than a typical semester in Houghton. Financial aid can be used for the Honors Program.

James S. Luckey Award

When you apply to Houghton, you will automatically be considered for Honors as well as for one of eight scholarships totaling $32,000. This is in addition to other financial aid awarded. Selection for these awards stems from Houghton’s Honors Interview process, as recipients are selected out of the pool of Honors candidates.

On-Campus Honors Interviews FAQs

Virtual Honors Interviews FAQs