Room Selection

Note: Information on this page is for returning Houghton students. New Students should refer to housing information and next steps.

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Room Squatting

If you would like to keep your current room, or move to the current room of your roommate for next year, complete the Room Selection Form with your mutual roommate request, building and room number.

Room Squatting Requirements:

  • The room must be fully occupied (two people in a double, three in a triple, etc.)
  • Minimum of one roommate must currently occupy the room they are squatting for next year.

Room Draw

Room Draw is the process for returning students who want to select a new residence hall room for the upcoming school year. Students are given preference based on class standing. Students with full rooms are also given priority.

Room Draw (Singles/Triples): Dates coming soon.
Room Draw : Dates coming soon.

  • Students must complete the Room Squatting & Room Draw Participation Form to participate in room draw.
  • Students interested in living in a single-occupancy room (not a double held as a single) or triple participate in a preliminary room draw process due to the limited availability of these types of rooms. If a student does not get their desired room, then they will attend Room Draw the following night.
  • Room Draw for all residence halls will be held 9:00pm in the Chapel.