What Are You Doing Here?

What Are You Doing Here?

The Low-Motivation Profile

  • See college as just something to do until something better comes along.
  • Make time for class and study by squeezing them in among more important activities such as work or  socializing.
  • Want to do a minimal amount of work possible to get a passing Grade.
  • Look for the easiest way out when selecting courses.
  • See instructors and the college system as set on making life miserable.

The High-Motivation Profile

  • See College as an opportunity to develop themselves in ways that will help them meet their long-term life goals.
  • Commit the time necessary for attending class to produce high-quality work.
  • Look for ways to make classes more valuable by going beyond the minimum.
  • Select classes that will challenge them and develop their potential.
  • Look at the college experience with tolerance and patience for its short-comings, but with determination to take advantage of its possibilities.

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