Best Study Practices

Best Study Practices

General Study Advice

  • Read assigned texts/handouts
  • Don’t procrastinate
  • Pay attention to the organization of the text
  • Highlight key points/terms in text as you read
  • Review often!
  • Study with a study group
  • Get help before it’s too late
  • Do homework assignments
  • Make an outline or take notes of your reading
  • Set aside a quiet place to study with few distractions

Best Ways to Study for a Test

  • Review and reorganize notes
  • Review text summaries and highlighted points
  • Get together with study partners (choose ones who are serious about succeeding)
  • Complete study guides
  • Ask questions you are unclear on before the exam/understand what is being tested
  • Make practice tests
  • Don’t procrastinate
  • Read assigned texts/handouts
  • Make note cards
  • Eat well and get enough sleep

Best Things to Do in Class to Succeed

  • Ask questions and participate
  • Take notes that you can understand
  • Attend class
  • Pay attention (turn off cell phone)
  • Come prepared
  • Sit where you can see and hear the instructor
  • Tell instructor if you are having trouble with the way he/she is teaching
  • Get to know the instructor (go to office hours)
  • Read applicable text before class so you know what to expect
  • Eat well and get enough sleep

Best Resources to Help You Succeed

  • Instructor
  • Study partner for each subject (choose successful students)
  • Tutor
  • Library
  • Student Success Center
  • Teaching Assistants
  • Study Group
  • You – be proactive
  • Professionals in the subject
  • Select internet resources

Common Mistakes Students Make

  • Not attending class
  • Not taking responsibility for themselves
  •  Procrastinating
  • Not asking questions when something is unclear
  • Not spending enough time studying (for every 1 hr in class, should study 2-3 hours outside of class)
  • Not getting help soon enough
  • Not taking notes
  • Not answering questions fully on homework and tests
  • Not completing assignments and being up-to-date on material
  • Being passive