It is our goal to provide an outstanding ensemble experience for all Houghton College students. The choral and instrumental ensembles offer students - undergraduate and graduate - an opportunity for training, musical exploration, and personal growth. At Houghton College, we believe music is essential to a liberal arts education. Even with a significant music major population, a large percentage of our singers and instrumentalists are non-majors who love music and value its role in their lives.

Our large ensembles include the Houghton Symphony Orchestra, the Houghton Wind Ensemble, and the College Choir, which made its Carnegie Hall debut in March 2014. We also provide exceptional opportunities in jazz, chamber and pop genres. 

Our ensembles tour regularly, both in the United States and abroad. Additionally, the Greatbatch School of Music ensembles give an acclaimed PRISM Christmas concert, presented in a tri-city tour of Rochester, Buffalo, and Houghton.

Our Mission

To shape the lives of Houghton College students who participate in ensembles by:

  • Teaching all students the fundamental elements of music.
  • Challenging students to a broader interaction with, a deeper understanding and appreciation of, and a more excellent and meaningful production of the arts.
  • Integrating faith and music in such tangible ways that students draw closer to God and become articulate in how music plays a vital role in their faith journeys.
  • Providing musical experiences that will inspire and serve as models of possibility for a lifetime of involvement in the arts.

Join Us!

The Houghton College music ensembles are designed to uncover the thoughtful and sensitive musician that already exists within you. As an integral part of our music program, participation in the ensembles will help you become the best performer, conductor, collaborator, musician, and teacher possible. Through musical performances, conducting experiences and extensive course work, we prepare young musicians for musical success.  Far beyond the musical skills acquired, we are fully committed to your emotional and spiritual development and are dedicated to helping students understand the importance of becoming a musical scholar-servant in the 21st century. 

We are devoted to our students' musical, spiritual and cognitive development in a nurturing, challenging and secure environment. We sincerely hope that you will join us!