Equine-Assisted Therapy Minor

A minor in equine-assisted therapy will equip students to use horses to help individuals with disabilities in various settings using a variety of facilitation techniques. Students choosing to pursue a certification from the Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship can do so through an internship field placement.

Minor: 14 hours

Requirements Credits
EQST 329 – Equine Science 2
EQST 330 – Equine Facility Management 2
EQST 222 – Equestrian Pedagogy Methods 2
EQST 226 – Foundations of Equine-Assisted Therapies 2
EQST 336 – Methods and Materials of Equine-Assisted Therapies 2
Equestrian electives (EQST 114 or above) 4
 Total 14