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Testing Policy

For some, standardized test scores may not always be the best representation of their fit for Houghton University.

You may therefore choose whether or not to submit standardized test scores, including the SAT, ACT, or Classic Learning Test (CLT).

Choosing to apply to Houghton without test scores will not require you to complete any additional application steps or delay your admission decision. Instead, your Admission Counselor will assess your academic potential by closely reviewing your:

  • Transcript for grades along with the strength of the courses you have taken that were available to you
  • Achievements and accomplishments outside of the classroom

At Houghton, every application for admission is read in its entirety.

You should submit test scores if:

The Admission Committee will continue to reserve the right, through the waitlist process, to request additional information from applicants who fall below expected academic markers. This includes the possibility of requesting, but not limited to: test scores, mid-year report, and/or an admission interview.