Mathematics Major

Explore the reasoning, creativity, and applications of mathematics in close-knit community.

The mathematics major includes core content courses in calculus, introduction to proofs, linear algebra, abstract algebra, and real analysis. Math majors choose from various elective courses including differential equations, discrete mathematics, number theory, mathematical modeling, graph theory, modern geometries, and probability and statistics. Throughout the major, culminating in the senior capstone course, students consider the historical development of mathematics, the relationships between mathematics and the Christian faith, and the connections between mathematics and other disciplines.

We believe the best way to learn mathematics is to do mathematics, so our courses are designed for you to be actively involved in your learning with your fellow students and your professors. You’ll develop your communication skills as you prepare and present your solutions, and you’ll see ways in which mathematics is a creative discipline through which we can participate in the creative nature of God.

Our graduates find themselves prepared to successfully enter graduate programs or careers in mathematics, actuarial science, architecture, computer science, education, finance, health professions, law, linguistics, and many other areas. Majoring in mathematics prepares you to think, ask questions, and solve problems – skills that are needed in every field!

Why Major in Mathematics?

  • Small class sizes and active learning create a supportive, engaging learning environment.
  • Excellent faculty members who are approachable and committed to your learning.
  • Graduates are successful in finding employment and being accepted to graduate school.
  • Research opportunities include a yearly seminar course and Houghton’s Summer Research Institute.
  • Students who major in mathematics become better writers, better speakers, better thinkers, and better members of society.” – From the Mathematical Association of America’s 2015 Committee on the Undergraduate Program in Mathematics Curriculum Guide to Majors in the Mathematical Sciences

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