Registration and Advising

In addition to a primary academic adviser within their major, each pre-med student will meet regularly (ideally once a semester) with the pre-med adviser, currently, Dr. Jamie Potter. Each student is required to complete a pre-med advisee registration form when he/she declares his/her intention of pursuing the pre-medical curricula. These forms are available online or in the division office of the science building (Paine 218). Completed forms should be returned to the pre-med adviser. Once the registration form is returned, an initial meeting with the pre-med adviser will be arranged.

Houghton College seeks to foster an environment, rooted in the Christian liberal arts, in which pre-medical students can clarify their vocational calling as Christian physicians while receiving the excellent academic preparation needed for successful application and acceptance to medical school. It is hoped that while students are challenged academically through strong curricula in general education, the sciences, and their chosen field of major, God would use their experiences at Houghton, through interactions with faculty, staff, mentors, fellow students, community members and others, to either affirm their desire to serve the Lord in medicine or make another calling clear to them. We trust that the Lord will give grace and peace to each pre-medical student daily as he/she endeavors to follow this challenging path.

Exit Interview

We value the input from students regarding ways in which the pre-med program can serve future students better and hope that those currently in the program will feel free to make suggestions to the pre-med adviser at any time. As a way of soliciting feedback, sometime during a student’s final semester at Houghton College, he/she will be asked to complete a questionnaire and meet with the pre-med adviser for an informal exit interview. The goal of this process is to learn from the experiences of those going through the program to enhance it for the future.